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Space and time are not just terms and functions of the bigger/larger objects in our lives, but intricately woven into the cells that make up our spleen and the neurotransmitters that carry our sense of truth and integrity (or some other thing that carries that--which we have not yet figured out how to find or name just yet). The mercurial and hermetic principle that everything above operates on similar principles as the things below (inside as well as outside) holds true in this conversation, as we might expect.
We impact where we are--in space and in time. Where we are in space and time impacts us as well. From a distance or a different vantage point, none of this seems true. Close up, and at other places, all of this seems true. This is what we can sustain when we are growing.
All of this being said, I suppose the journey this collection is meant to set us on is the journey of exploration to see how we are woven into and among the where and when of who and what we are. Push and test the connections and the spaces in between to see how the one is or is not showing itself to be the other. Get a sense of what influences, and in which direction.



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Published 14 April 2016
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