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Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 2


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"For anyone seriously interested in Peirce, or in nineteenth-century American philosophy, or in American intellectual history, or in philosophy in general, or in semiotics and its philosophical import, these volumes should be required reading." —Murray G. Murphey, Semiotica

The Decisive Year and Its Early Consequences/Max H. Fisch
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy Papers/C.F. Delaney
The 1870 Logic of Relatives Memoir/Daniel D. Merrill
1. [The Logic Notebook]
[The American Academy Series]
2. On an Improvement in Boole's Calculus of Logic
3. On the Natural Classification of Arguments
4. On a New List of Categories
5. Upon the Logic of Mathematics
6. Upon Logical Comprehension and Extension
7. Notes
8. [Venn's The Logic of Chance]
9. Chapter I. One, Two, and Three
10. Specimen of a Dictionary of the Terms of Logic and allied Sciences: A to ABS
11. [Critique of Positivism]
[The Peirce-Harris Exchange on Hegel]
12. Paul Janet and Hegel, by W.T. Harris
13. Letter, Peirce to W.T. Harris (24 January 1868)
14. Nominalism versus Realism
15. Letter, Peirce to W.T. Harris (16 March 1868)
16. What Is Meant by "Determined"
17. Letter, Peirce to W.T. Harris (9 April 1868)
[The Journal of Speculative Philosophy Series]
18. Questions on Reality
19. Potentia ex Impotentia
20. Letter, Peirce to W.T. Harris (30 November 1868)
21. Questions Concerning Certain Faculties Claimed for Man
22. Some Consequences of Four Incapacities
23. Grounds of Validity of the Laws of Logic
24. Professor Porter's Human Intellect
25. The Pairing of the Elements
26. Roscoe's Spectrum Analysis
27. [The Solar Eclipse of 7 August 1869]
28. Premliminary Sketch of Logic
29. [The Logic Notebook]
30. The English Doctrine of Ideas
[Lectures on British Logicians]
31. Lecture I. Early nominalism and realism
32. Ockam. Lecture 3
33. Whewell
[Practical Logic]
34. Lessons in Practical Logic
35. A Practical Treatise on Logic and Methodology
36. Rules for Investigation
37. Practical Logic
38. Chapter 2
39. Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives
40. A System of Logic
41. [Henry James's The Secret of Swedenborg]
42. Notes for Lectures on Logic to be given 1st term 1870-71
43. Bain's Logic
44. Letter, Peirce to W.S. Jevons
45. [Augustus De Morgan]
46. Of the Copulas of Algebra
47. [Charles Babbage]
[The Berkeley Review]
48. [Fraser's The Works of George Berkeley]
49. [Peirce's Berkeley Review], by Chauncey Wright
50. Mr. Peirce and the Realists
51. Letter, J.E. Oliver to Peirce
Editorial Notes
Bibliography of Peirce's References
Chronological List, 1867-1871
Textual Apparatus
Essay on Editorial Method
Explanation of Symbols
Textual Notes



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