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Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 5


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"Highly recommended." —Choice

"... an important event for the world of philosophy. For the first time we have available in an intelligible form the writings of one of the greatest philosophers of the past hundred years." —The Times Literary Supplement

Volume 5 of this landmark edition covers an important transition in Peirce's life, marked by a rekindled enthusiasm for speculative philosophy. The writings include essays relating to his all-embracing theory of categories as well as papers on logic and mathematics.

1. Determinations of Gravity at Allegheny, Ebensburgh, and York, Pa., in 1879 and 1880
[Study of Great Men]
2. Materials for an Impressionist List of 300 Great Men
3. My list of great Men
4. [Men of Feeling, Action, Thought]
5. [Notes on Archimedes, Abel, Lagrange, and Gauss]
6. [Notes on Leonidas]
7. [Notes on Mencius]
8. [Notes on Michelangelo]
9. [Notes on Ockham and Machiavelli]
10. [Notes on Pythagoras]
11. [Notes on Rabelais]
12. Questions on Great Men [First Questionnaire]
13. Questions on Great Men [Revised Questionnaire]
14. [Remarks on Questions from the Final Questionnaire]
15. [Questionnaire Responses for Michelangelo, Hobbes, and Locke]
16. [Questionnaire Responses for Montaigne, Palissy, Machiavelli, and Lessing]
17. [Questionnaire Responses for Short List of 48 Great Men]
18. [Questionnaire Responses for Short List of 24 Great Men]
19. [Great Men: Classifications and Rankings]
20. On the Algebra of Logic: Part II
21. [Fragment on the Algebra of Logic]
22. On the Algebra of Logic (Second Paper)
23. Letter, Peirce to J.E. Hilgard
24. On Small Differences of Sensation, by C.S. Peirce and J. Jastrow
25. The Numerical Measure of the Success of Predictions
26. The "Old Stone Mill" at Newport
27. The Reciprocity Treaty with Spain
28. The Spanish Treaty Once More
29. [Testimony on the Organization of the Coast Survey]
30. On the Algebra of Logic: A Contribution to the Philosophy of Notation
31. Notes on the Algebra of Logic
32. Studies in Logical Algebra
33. An American Plato: Review of Royce's Religious Aspect of Philosophy
34. [Notes on the Categories]
35. One, Two, Three: Fundamental Categories of Thought and of Nature
36. [Measurement Scales and the Absolute]
37. Types of Third Degenerate in the Second Degree
38. [Clifford's The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences]
39. [Perrin's The Religion of Philosophy]
40. [Kant's Introduction to Logic]
41. [Fiske's The Idea of God]
42. On the Use of the Noddy for Measuring the Amplitude of Swaying in a Pendulum Support
43. Note on the Effect of the Flexure of a Pendulum upon its Period of Oscillation
44. Two Letters, Peirce to F.E. Abbot
45. Fundamental Properties of Number
46. Dr. F.E. Abbot's Philosophy
[One, Two, Three]
47. One, Two, Three: Kantian Categories
48. One, Two, Three
49. One, Two, Three: An Evolutionist Speculation
50. [First, Second, Third]
51. Note on a Device for Abbreviating Time Reductions
52. On the Influence of a Noddy on the Period of a Pendulum
53. On the Effect of Unequal Temperature upon a Reversible Pendulum
54. Qualitative Logic
55. The Logic of Relatives: qualitative and quantitative
56. An Elementary Account of the Logic of Relatives
57. [Words in E for the Century Dictionary]
58. Letter, Peirce to A. Marquand
Bibliography of Peirce's References
Chronological List, 1884-1886
Essay on Editorial Method
Textual Apparatus
Headnotes, Textual Notes, Emendations, Line-End Hyphenation, Alterations
Line-End Hyphenation in the Edition Text



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