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A system of practice and belief in a community, religion has played and still plays an important role in terms of culture, behavior or personal development. As there is no single religion and it can be complicated to understand and know them all, you will find on this theme of the Youscribe site a wide choice of documents, books, and books on religion and theology .

Discover religions

You can download or read directly on this site thousands of documents that will tell you the history of religions , the differences between them, etc. You will also see the importance that religions had over the centuries of history. Indeed, the different cultures or civilizations were often formed according to a religion, this is for example the case of the Arab-Muslim world centered on Islam (and to a lesser extent on the Arab people), of the Holy Roman Empire which included within it Germanic peoples, but also Italians, Belgians or Dutch, all linked by the Christian religion.

Studying religions over the centuries allows us to better understand the history of civilizations, but also their social models, their laws, their habits and customs, etc. By looking at its different elements, we can see the importance of religions in the construction of civilizations .

Many religions

In the western world and on a large part of the planet, monotheistic religions are largely in the majority. This means that it is a religion where there is only one god. However, the predominance of monotheism has not always existed. During antiquity, there were few people who prayed to only one god (the Jews). The norm was the existence of several deities (called polytheism), which could take the form of animals (among the Egyptians) or men (among the Greeks), or else the belief in a soul or a vital force (animism).

Even today, many polytheism or animism religions still exist, especially in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. Among the most important, there is Hinduism which has about a billion believers in India. Otherwise a majority of people practice a monotheistic religion like Christians (2 billion believers), Muslims (1.5 billion believers) or Jews (15 million believers).

Other religions are viewed by some only as philosophies . This is particularly the case with Taoism , Buddhism , Shintoism or other Asian religions.

Another important change - which we learn from books on religions - but which has grown strongly since the French Revolution of 1789, is the appearance of many people who do not believe in God or who are without religion. These are atheists , agnostics , etc.

The theology

After discovering the different religions and their importance, you will also find on Youscribe books on theology to download from this theme. Theology will deal with the study and exegesis of religion, dogma and God .

This discipline has existed since ancient times and is still widely practiced today. Christians and to a lesser extent Jews and Muslims have theological texts and also theological schools. Often the latter have different visions and this can create oppositions in a religion.