A Bible Study Program Using the Sunday Lectionary
66 Pages

A Bible Study Program Using the Sunday Lectionary


66 Pages


Bible study groups sometimes find themselves stalled in a process of sharing personal impressions while looking for more depth. Others read commentaries, but long to engage the biblical text itself. Where does one begin? A Bible Study Program Using the Sunday Lectionary offers a toolkit of approaches for reading the biblical text that a variety of reading groups have already found helpful. Unlike some study methods that emphasize the individual reader, this program keeps the community of worshippers in mind, including the historical faith community that produced the writings and the community of worshippers now reading it. The Catholic Study Bible serves as a reference for the historical community, while the schedule of Sunday Scripture readings evokes the present-day community of readers--with the bonus of enhancing readers' Sunday worship experience.



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Published 19 September 2014
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A Bible Study Program
Using the Sunday Lectionary


A Bible Study Program
Using the Sunday Lectionary
Taking your study group to the next level

Fr. Robert R Beck

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Taking Your Bible Study Group to the Next Level

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Contents page

Introduction 7
I. Reading: The World-of-the-Text 9
Ch 1. What do our ears notice? Reading the text aloud 11
Ch. 2. What is the passage saying? The text as statement 13
Ch. 3. What is being emphasized? Key words and terms 15
Ch. 4. What engages our imagination? Images, metaphors, symbols 17
Ch. 5. What kind of writing is this? Literary forms and genres 19
Ch. 6. What is strange? Special words and terms 23
Ch. 7. Who is speaking in the passage? Implied voices and hearers 25
II. Background and Context: The World-Behind-the-Text 27
Ch. 8. What do the experts say? The commentaries 29
Ch. 9. What was happening when the passage was written? Historical setting 31
Ch. 10. Why was the passage written? The social location of the writer 37
Ch. 11. Who is being quoted? Using cross-references 39
III. Community of Believers: The World-in-Front-of-the-Text 43
Ch. 12. Why does it matter? Application; social location of the reader 45
Ch. 13. The Lectionary: Seasons 49
Ch. 14. The Lectionary: Cycles 53
Appendix 1: Sample texts 59
Appendix 2: List of examples from the Lectionary 63
Selected Bibliography 65