A Gathering of Memories
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A Gathering of Memories



"An extended theological essay on the meaning, value, and function of memory as it operates in community . . . For Pinches, memory is rooted in the physical world, bound by time and space and dependent on the human body. Appropriately, he develops his points less through argument than through story--Odysseus, King David, Oscar Romero, and his father-in-law, the flying ace. This reality base, along with his generally accessible style and occasional flashes of inspiration, will attract thoughtful readers beyond academia."
--Publishers Weekly
"In this deceptively profound book, Charles Pinches, by directing our attention to the role of memory, helps us understand the interdependence of family, nation, and church. By doing so he offers a constructive way to acknowledge the significance of family and nation in our lives as Christians."
--Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School
"In this highly provocative and skillfully crafted work, Charlie Pinches speaks to one of the most pressing problems of our postmodern world--the loss of memory. The solution offered in 'A Gathering of Memories' will leave you with a fresh appreciation of how the Christian faith speaks cogently to the recovery of memory for the healing of the family, nation, and church, as well as the recovery of our baptismal life."
--Robert Webber, author of Ancient-Future Faith
"This is a beautiful and powerful book--and one urgently needed in our forgetful times. With compelling stories and richly stimulating reflections on family, nation, and church as communities of embodied memories, Charles Pinches teaches us the wisdom, authority, and mystery of the act of remembering. Along the way, he offers persuasive insights into the relationship of the potency of sacrifice to memory, the 'commandment' of ritual memory, and the church as the trainer of memories. This volume is a superb gift to all."
--Marva Dawn, author of Talking the Walk



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