A New Conversation
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A New Conversation

346 Pages


In these twenty-nine essays, Episcopalians consider the tradition and the future of their church--its theology, its polity, its missiology. These "new conversations" come from ministers of every order (bishop, priest, deacon, laity) and from practiced hands at many ministries (education, theology, music, chaplaincy, and spiritual direction).
Several essayists write urgently that the Episcopal Church must change if it is to survive. Others contend--with equal fervor--that American Anglicanism can work if Episcopalians will reclaim and reaffirm their liturgical, spiritual, and theological heritage. Between these views are other writers who suggest that points of supposed opposition might indeed coexist in the church of the future--taking vibrant, and perhaps paradoxical, new forms.



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Published 22 February 2018
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