Acceptable Costs
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Acceptable Costs



"Colin and Edna McDougall have made a valuable contribution to the understanding of why and how faithful men and women took the Lord's admonition to make disciples seriously. This is a fascinating account of the planting of the Church in Dahomey (now Benin) in West Africa and the costs involved both to the missionaries and to the church they established. It is informative, moving, realistic, challenging and well written. I recommend it to all who are interested in God's desire that no one should perish." Clyde Cook, President, Biola University.
"Few lifestyles are so completely different from today's Christian as those who first took the Gospel to the unreached peoples of Africa. With the heart of a devoted son and disciple of Christ, Colin McDougall has documented the lives of those who gave all to reach the peoples of Benin-the pioneer missionaries of Sudan Interior Mission." Ed Underwood, Senior Pastor, Church of the Open Door.
"I read with great interest the life story of two of God's choice servants, Stewart and Edna McDougall-their heartaches, trials and victories-as they served the Lord in Dahomey/Benin. The thrilling results of their ministry is evidence to all that their labor was not in vain. For anyone interested in the growth of the Church in Africa, it is a must read." Robert L. Foster, former International Director of Africa Evangelical Fellowship.
"This reader-friendly record belongs in the library of every home and church that takes seriously the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The story of SIM church planting in Dahomey spells out the historic roots of an epic movement that has made an astonishing difference in an African nation. It is animated by colorful anecdotes that transport the mind into living episodes. Frail humans grappled to unlock an obscure language and culture. Isolated from the familiar, some with developing families and in a context of poverty of the basic resources, they trusted God. . . . My spirit is enriched. Yours will be, too." Howard Dowdell, Founder: Canadian Centre for World Mission.



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Published 31 March 2005
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Colin S. McDougall and Edna M. McDougall
Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Acceptable Costs Planting the Church in Dahomey, 1946 to 1975 By McDougall, Colin S. and McDougall, Edna M. Copyright©2005 by McDougall, Colin S. ISBN:978-1-59752-134-5Publication date 3/31/2005
Dedicated to the memory and service of Stewart (1910  1966) and Edna (1914  2004) McDougall
Foreword Introduction
Table of Contents
Part I: In The Fullness of Time
Historical Reference Points 1. Mission Accepted 2. Politics and Strategies 3. S.I.M. Entry Strategy 4. Translation Strategy 5. Education Strategy
Part II: The McDougall Story 6. Jesus Saves 7. A Mind of Her Own 8. Two Loves 9. Canuck in Yorubaland
10. Soldier of Two Armies 11. The Greater Good 12. Starting Over 13. Bonding 14. No Strategy of Man 15. Expansion 16. Needles 17. Civilian Life
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18. Statecraft 19. Schism 20. The Cities Southward 21. Grief and Farewells 22. Edna’s Final Effort
Part III: Building The Church
Outline of Stations 23. Kandi 24. Nikki 25. Parakou 26. Djougou 27. Sinendé 28. Dompago 29. Tchaourou 30. Tchatchou
31. Ségbana 32. Simpérou 33. Bembèrèkè 34. Cotonou
Part IV: Perspective: Thirty Years Later
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Jesus Christ taught His disciples to count the cost of st discipleship. Disciples in the 21 Century also need this lesson. It costs to serve Him. It costs to reach out to men and women with physical and material help. It costs to carry Christ’s message of salvation.
The book of Acts tells us that the early disciples “hazarded their lives for the gospel’s sake.” This book reminds us vividly that we follow the same precarious path. Here is the story of what it cost to plant the church of Jesus Christ amongst various tribes in the country of Benin. It tells of death; death by drowning; death by car accident; death by train wreck and the heroic action of a missionary to save others; death by serious disease–all truly dedicated missionaries. The loss of each, at the time, seemed to be a serious blow and caused many to wonder at God’s ways.
Why do missionaries take such risk? Shouldn’t they pull back in the face of lethal disease and other physical dangers? These are legitimate questions with no easy answer. With Judas, we are tempted to ask, “Why this waste?”
The stories recorded here show us that these workers did not risk their lives capriciously. When each of the recorded incidents took place, the missionaries were in their places, convinced that they were doing what God wanted them to do. They knew what risks there were to them as humans. They also knew that if God called them home in the midst of it all, it
would be in His will, which to them was more important than life itself.
These missionaries entered into risk because God, who is the ultimate sender and administrator of Missions, sent them into it. The Christian life is like being in a hurricane. Those who lie down may not even understand the nature of the storm. Those who stand are battered by the tempest. We do not understand now all the details of this invisible war in which we are engaged. We do feel its effects.
As long as the battle rages, there will be those who will give themselves to it and those who will die in so doing. These are the ones who remember that Jesus taught His disciples that “no one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
The title of this book shows the heart attitude of those who paid so dearly to bring the Gospel to Benin. Ultimately, it was worth it all and the costs were acceptable. This is seen at the end of the book in theUnion of Evangelical Churches of Benin(UEEB), this denomination representing the various tribes whose stories are recorded here. The vision of Stewart and Edna McDougall and all the other missionaries whose stories are recorded here has been realized. The church stands in spite of all the heartache and hardship.
You hold in your hand a record of the partial fulfillment of a direct prophecy of our Lord Himself. Shortly before His transfiguration, Jesus revealed a new truth to His disciples. He told them He would build His church, and nothing would hinder it. He also told them He would do it through them. He gave them the authority and the responsibility to do the task. The church of Jesus Christ today is being built through people
like Peter, James and Paul, but also through the likes of these stalwart missionaries. I trust that reading this part of history will challenge all of us to renewed effort and sacrifice. It will be worth it all when we see Him. The sacrifice is acceptable.
Ian M. Hay, D. Miss.
SIM International Director Emeritus