Acts, Second Edition
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Acts, Second Edition



This second edition of Stevens's presentation of Acts adds an extensive study of church traditions on Paul's death and burial. Uncovering of the sarcophagus in the Church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls yielded carbon 14 dated first- or second-century bones. In his characteristically creative way, Stevens offers an insightful proposal on why church traditions on Paul post Acts are so ambiguous and probably always will be, even with this new find. Stevens's close study of the Acts narrative analyzes Luke's post-ascension story of Jesus and challenges orthodoxies in the interpretation of Acts and Paul. Luke was the first to envision the future of the Jesus story in the Hellenist movement as this movement realizes the promise of Pentecost in Israel, preeminently epitomized in the mission of Paul, who is Luke's premier example of the God active, God resisted theme of the speech of Stephen that drives the plot of Acts and illuminates exegesis of Paul's insistence on going to Jerusalem with its dramatic conclusion in the shipwreck of Paul. Luke ends Acts in Rome as intended--an impressive, compelling, and thoroughly fresh reading of Acts.



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A New Vision of the People of God Second Edition
Gerald L. Stevens
ACTS A New Vision of the People of God, Second Edition
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As I have indicated in other publications, in the pursuit of learning, we never walk alone, and we always stand on others’ shoulders. Obvious in these pages will be that I am indebted to the extensive commentary tradition on Acts, as well as special studies. I tried to notate instances of specific debt. Yet, at the same time, I have so reconfigured everything into my own distinctive perspectives that no one is to blame for those ideas but me. In that regard, with the narrative of Acts, I feel a kinship with Paul, who always insisted he got his gospel from no one (Gal 1:12). Especially assisting the production of this volume have been my wife, Jean M. Stevens, and my legal counsel, Joseph W. Looney.
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 Preliminaries • 1
 PART 1  Thematic Analysis  Thematic Foundation of Characters and Plot 1  Pentecost as Thematic • 37 2  Hellenists and Antioch • 73 3  The Character Saul-Paul • 113
 PART 2  Narrative Analysis 1  The Spirit Empowers Messianic Israel (Acts 1–12) 4Renewal Beginnings  • 147 5  Renewal Empowerment • 165  Renewal Witness • 185 6
 Hellenist Leaders Emerge • 211 7  Hellenist Mission Advances • 231 8  Hellenist Center Shifts • 269 9
 PART 3  Narrative Analysis 2  The Spirit Empowers World Mission (Acts 13–28)  First Missionary Journey • 289 10 Second Missionary Journey • 337 11 Third Missionary Journey • 399 12  Destiny Denied • 451 13  Destiny Delayed • 469 14  Destiny Achieved • 499 15  Epilogue: Intimations of Mortality • 577
 Appendix: Video Resources • 607
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