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The global pentecostal charismatic movement, as it launches into the twenty-first century, outdistances current attempts at classification and clarification. Although scholarly theologizing has not been the hallmark of the movement, the current surge of pentecostal-charismatic scholars confounds the accepted antithesis between expressive narrative and reflective theology.
Brighton '91, which featured Professor Jurgen Moltmann and the Archbishop of Canterbury, was a symposium unprecedented in the range of participating scholars drawn form six continents. They gave voice to new insights for handling racism, sexism, socioeconomic oppression and the environment, thus modeling a legitimate postmodern agenda.



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Published 21 February 2019
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 All Together in One Place Theological Papers from the Brighton Conference on World Evangelism By Hocken, Peter D. and Hunter, Harold D. Copyright©1993 byHunter, Harold D.ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-6764-0 Publication date2/18/2019Previously published by Sheffield Academic Press, 1993
Foreword to te 208 Reprint Edition by Harold D. Hunter |  Editors’ Preface |  Acknowledgments | 6 Abbreviations | 7 List of Contributors | 8
GEORGE CAREY Introduction: he Importance of heology for te Carismatic Movement | 2
Part I
JURGEN MOLTMANN he Spirit Gives Life: Spirituality and Vitality | 24 MIROSLAV VOLF A Rytm of Adoration and Action: A Response to Jiirgen Moltmann | 40 RANIERO CANTALAMESSA he Unity of te Spirit and te Variety of Carisms: A Response to Jiirgen Moltrnann | 48 JUAN SEPULVEDA Pentecostalism and Liberation heology: Two Manifestations of te Work of te Holy Spirit for te Renewal of te Curc | 53 HUBERT LENZ A Response to Juan Sepulveda | 67
ATo g e t  e r l l P l a c eO n e i n
BRIAN G. HATIIAWAY A Response to Juan Sepulveda | 7 KARLA POEWE-HEXHAM AND IRVING HEXHAM Carismatic Curces and Aparteid in Sout Africa | 75 NICO HORN A Response to Karla Poewe-Hexam and Irving Hexam | 86 WYNAND J. DE KOCK A Response to Karla Poewe-Hexam and Irving Hexam | 3 M.L. DANEEL African Independent Curc Pneumatology and te Salvation of all Creation | 8 DEREK B. MUTUNGU A Response to M.L. Daneel | 2
Part II
LUIS SEGREDA Evangelization and te Holy Spirit in an Urban and Multicultural Society: he Experience of te Pro-Human Rigts Ecumenical Committee | 36 lOAN SAUCA, ANIHONY LIM AND RONALD SIDER Poverty, Persecution and Deprivationinte Ligt of Jesus’ Cross and Resurrection | 5 CHERYL BRIDGES JOHNS Pentecostal Spirituality and te Conscientization of Women | 55 CECIL M. ROBECK, JR Pentecostal Origins in Global Perspective | 68 JAPIEJ. LAPOORTA A Response to Cecil M. Robeck | 83 JAMES R. GOFF, JR Carles Param and te Problem of History in te Pentecostal Movement: A Response to Cecil M. Robeck | 88
C o n t e n t s
TORMOD ENGELSVIKEN his-Worldly Realities and Progress in te Ligt of te Escatological Kingdom | 4
GUILLERMO COOK he Curc, te World and Progress in Latin America,inLigt of te Escatological Kingdom | 20
Part III
CLARK H. PINNOCK Evangelism and Oter Living Faits: An Evangelical Carismatic Perspective | 20 ANTHONY O. GBUJI Evangelism and Oter Living Faits: A Roman Catolic Perspective | 27 NORBERT BAUMERT Evangelism and Carismatic Signs | 22 JAMES E. BRADLEY Miracles and Martyrdom in te EarlyCurc: Someheologicaland EticalImplications | 227 PAUL BECHDOLFF Evangelism and Escatology | 242 PHILIPPE LARERE, THEODORE JUNGKUNTZ AND ROGER CABEZAS Evangelizing Togeter: Ecumenical Issues in Evangelization | 258
Appendix: he Program of Brigton ‘91 | 264 Index of Biblical References | 268 Index of Subjects | 27 Index of Names | 27
Forword To THe 01 ReprînT EdîTîon
W é a ô é aé Rôma Caôc Môsgô Péé ôcké, ï u ôgéé é Is gôba côéécé ô Péécôsa scôas kô as é héôôgca ack ô Bgô ‘1. hé émé ô é agé côéécé sôsôé by ïCCOWE (ïéaôa Casmac Côsuaô ô Wô Evagézaô) “ha hé Wô Mg Béévé,” bôug ôgéé ,000 ésôs ôm 100 côués. Péséés  é héôôgca Séam éé Rô-ma Caôc, Easé a Oéa Oôôx, Pôésa, a Péécôsa. hs vaô ôy évé  évéyg ôssbé ô ské a baacé bééé é Gôba Nô a Gôba Sôu us aôg ôy 10 scôas ôm sx côés. Smuaéôus asaô as ôvé  ôu aguagés  séakés évég é éséaôs  é avé aguagés. Asa as é éas ééséé côé  a bécausé may Asa Péécôsas éé ôy é  é PD ôgams. ï aô, vé éséés ké Côô Lak Yéô côu ô avé suc a sacé ôu Iacé asssacé a ïCCOWE ôvé ô suc ug. ï as jus Isg a Ivé-yéa ém as a éxécuvé ô Cuc ô Gô ô Pôécy  éaquaés  Cévéa, éésséé é é Bgô ‘1 côéécé côvéé  Bgô, Ega  éay Juy. Dug ôsé Ivé yéas, ï vsé môé a 0 côués a côécé  a é agé ô Péécôsa scôas séa acôss Ivé côés. ï éa ôm ém a ôgg ô gé ô kô ôé Péécôsa scôas ôm aôu é ô. hs s ô uké é éséac s uéaké  é 10s by Vsô Sy-a ô bécamé é vg ôcé ô ôgazé— B Mézés a ôacé Wa—é Sôcéy ô Péécôsa Sués (SPS). Wé ï mé scôas  vaôus côués, ï ké aéssés, ôé umbés, a ax umbés. hé Cuc ô Gô ô Pôécy a ôg agô cômmé ô a gôba vsô a ééôé a u mé asaôs ô Sas a Féc. ï aé Bgô ‘1 ô bé é sa ô a éaôa ôgazaô ô Péécôsa scôas  a éyé ô émôég émégg vôcés ôm é mags. Oé ô é éasôs a ï avé ôgazé vaôus g-ôIé
ATo g e t  e r l l P l a c eO n e i n
éaôa côéécés—Bgô, Oaô, Pô Dcksô Maaysa, Pagué, Maa, Azusa S. Cééa, Oxô, Busa—as ô gvé vôcé ô ôsé ô aé ôté ô éa. ï é usuccéssuy ô gé ug ôm Pé a ôé sôucés. ï é aéaé ô é Péécôsa Wô Féôs (PWF). ï éé côvcé é PWF éxécuvé cômméé ô bég éôôg-ca acks a é éa Péécôsa Wô Côéécés (PWC) ôm 1 ôa. Oé mméaé ésu éé éséaôs by a é scôas a é PWC 1  Jéusaém. O May 1, 1, é Yôô Fu Gôsé Cuc, ôs ô é PWC, sôsôé a majô ajuc côéécé ué é amé “ïéaôa héôôgca Côéécé ô é ôy S” maagé by é ïéaôa héôôgca ïsué ô é Yôô Fu Gôsé Cuc é a a mé by Yôug ôô Léé. Léé ôôé ôué Yôgg Cô as séô asô ô é Yôô Fu Gôsé Cuc  00. ï as a éséé é é Wô Aacé ô Péécôsa Eucaô (WAPE) Is côécé  é Péécôsa Wô Côéécé (PWC), Sôckôm (010). A a samé PWC, ï acaé é vaô ôm ïPC Pésg Bsô Jamés Léggé ô Wô Côuc ô Cucés (WCC) Gé-éa Sécéay Oav vé ô bôug géégs ô é PWC  Sôckôm. hs ôk côué a é 01 PWC  Kuaa Lumu, Maaysa a é 01 PWC  Saô Pauô, Baz. A é mé ô s g, ï am sévg ô a séég cômméé ésôsbé ô ag a écuméca ack ô 01 PWC ô côvéé  Cagay, Abéa, Caaa. ï s asô é casé a ï aémé ô sa a Péécôsa sués gôu a é Améca Acaémy ô Régô  1. My éô, c cômé  a é gôvég ués cug a vésé cômméé, as éjécé  a éé acé  cué. Nô, ôévé, éé aé uméôus Péécôsa gôus a scôas ô acaé  é aua méég ô é Amé-ca Acaémy ô Régô a é Sôcéy ô Bbca Sués. ï aucé Péécôsa-Casmac héôôgca ïquy ïéaôa  1 ay usg éséés a bécamé a éb  1. hé é-jôua ôm s éb émas ôé sacé ô kéé côvésaôs gôg bééé Péécôsa scô-as aôu é ô. My écuméca acvés aucé  é 10s vôvg é WCC a é Vaca, bu môé a ôcé ï avé gvé u my séa  ééécé ô ôés. ô cé a sécIc éxamé, ï gavé u my séa  é ïéaôa Rô-ma Caôc—Péécôsa Daôgué. hs as  é éay 10s é ï as ésôsbé ô Cuc ô Gô ô Pôécy Gééa Ovéséé M.A. ôm-sô a é amsavé cômméé éôsg a ôica ééséavé a s ôgés a môs ésgôus baéa ô Cassca Péécôsas. ï ôé