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"Elizabeth Skoglund is right--the overall effect of Amy Carmichael's writings is comfort. Not the soft, pat-on-the-back sort, but the original cum fortis, meaning 'to stand alongside and strengthen.'"
--Ruth Bell Graham, best-selling author
"The books and poems of Amy Carmichael have been a great inspiration to me through the years. They have a cherished and prominent place in my library. All are well worn by frequent use in my own devotional life and ministry. However, I never fully appreciated the person behind these profound and incisive thoughts until I read Elizabeth Skoglund's remarkable book, Amma: The Life and Words of Amy Carmichael. The author, an outstanding counselor and distinguished writer, presses her own sensitive and responsive heart next to Amy's, and the result is a book dealing with the crucial issues of life today. You will meet the real Amy Carmichael, and her words will give you courage and strength in suffering, pain, discouragement, spiritual burnout, and most important of all, in how to maintain a vital trust relationship with the Lord as you live and work for Him by His power. This book will move you deeply. You will keep it close at hand and reread it often. It's crammed full of authentic hope, true comfort, and powerful inspiration."
--Loyd John Ogilvie, former chaplain of the U.S. Senate
"Elizabeth Skoglund has succeeded in drawing a very true picture of Amma herself and the values that were vitally important to her."
--Nancy E. Robbins, MD, attending physician for the last five years of Amma's life



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