Be Fruitful and Multiply
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Be Fruitful and Multiply


276 Pages


In this study, Andrew J. Schmutzer puts his hand to an in-depth study of the Creation Mandate, known within Reformed theology as the Cultural Mandate. His analysis focuses on key texts of God's blessing in Genesis 1-11. In particular, Schmutzer explores the theological significance of Genesis 1:28 using a biblical-theological approach sensitive to the biblical literature. Delving into such issues as the nature of divine blessing, humankind's royal stewardship, and the role of the image of God, this study draws the reader back to the biblical text as the "lead carriage" for foundational questions in contemporary faith. The result is theological "grist," primed to address the related issues of ecological crisis, social oppression, gender studies, and eco-theology. How one understands the Creation Mandate has serious implications. Be Fruitful and Multiply provides a sharp tool to help address these serious issues.



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Published 15 September 2009
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BE FRUIfUL aND MULIPLY A Crux of hemaic Repeiion in Genesis 1–11
A J. S
Be FruiTFul And MulTiply A CRUx of hEmaIc rEPEIIoN IN GENEsIs 111
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APPRoacEs o GENEsIs 111 / 23
SEmaNIc aND lIERaRY ANaLYsIs of MaNDaE TERms / 61
exEgEIcaL ANaLYsIs of E MaNDaE IN GENEsIs 111 / 89
hEmEs, imagE of GoD, aND GENDER IN GENEsIs 111 / 159
KEY CURRENs IN E HIsoRY of iNERPREaIoN / 205
CoNcLUsIoN / 226
APPENDIx A: hE rEoRIcaL SRUcURE of GENEsIs 1:1—2:3 / 231
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