Between Two Truths
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Between Two Truths



Do you find yourself always struggling with two sides of an issue? Do some of the key truths of Christianity seem mutually exclusive?
Don't be surprised! All of life - including Christian life - is lived between truths, none of which may be relinquished. Both the Bible and theology acknowledge that life is filled with tensions that do not permit easy answers.
In 'Between Two Truths', theologian Klyne Snodgrass presents a readable biblical approach to understanding such tensions. He argues, in fact, that they are a wellspring of peace and creativity for anyone dedicated to walking in the footsteps of Jesus.
This book addresses the tensions all Christians face, dealing with all the peaceful and creative tensions that are part of the fabric of Christian faith. This book does not give simplistic answers to difficult questions; rather, it invites the reader to celebrate the rich and vibrant tensions of God's eternal truth.



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Published 30 September 2004
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