Beyond the Rocking Chair
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Beyond the Rocking Chair


176 Pages


There has been, and continues to be, a great deal of important writing and discussion about the need for retirement planning for the financial health, housing, and other issues faced by persons of retirement age. However, one of the most difficult set of issues that must be addressed are emotional and spiritual issues.
Beyond the Rocking Chair offers a new vision of retirement--a vision of a time in one's life that can be a time of rewarding involvement and deepening spirituality. It will be an insightful, powerful, spiritual companion to those who are recently retired, approaching retirement, or living in retirement communities as well as professionals, families, and friends who seek to support those who are entering this rewarding time in their lives.



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Published 22 February 2009
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Beyond the Rocking Chair God's Call at Retirement By Morgan, Richard L. Copyright©1993 by Morgan, Richard L. ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-448-9 Publication date 12/29/2008 Previously published by Upper Room, 1993
Preface to the 2009 Reprint Edition
    1993, wen I first wrote tis book, M journaling my own process of “retirement.” he word “retire-ment” is no longer in my vocabulary as I know “retirement” as sim-ply anoter stage of te life journey, arefinemenTof all tat one is. In te sixteen years tat ave ensued, I ave settled into a continuing care retirement community, and moved to anoter pase of te post-retirement experience. In te earlier years of tis journey, I was ago-goperson, footloose and extremely active in volunteer work. However, due to some inevi-table diminisments of older age, I ave moved into aslow gomode of “retirement,” settled into te life of te community were I live. As I reflect on tese years, I can say witout esitation, tey ave been te best years of my life. his book will ave real meaning for te increasing number of Boomers wo ave retired or wo will soon face tis momentous life transition. Listening to teir concerns, tey want more tan busyness or empty leisure time. hey seek meaning, believing tere remains some vital involvement for tese years. hey don’t want to rust out, or rus about, but find tat creative balance between needed rest and creative activity. his book may provide tat spiritual guidance tey seek. Hopefully, my story of “retirement” will prepare you for your jour-ney and convince you tat retirement needs to be redefined as an op-portunity for new directions in a future God as planned for you. Ricard L. Morgan
December 22, 2008