Beyond Violence
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Beyond Violence


176 Pages


Apocalyptic voices grow louder as we enter the new Millennium, promising dire consequences for the fate of humanity, our planet and our civilization. But theirs are not the only voices around. There are voices that are equally strong and full of hope, courage and conviction. Gerard Vanderhaar's voice is not apocalyptic, but prophetic and full of passion. He proposes a new direction, one that will lead to a more workable world - that of the Nonviolent Christ.
Vanderhaar shows how figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and others have taken the example of the Nonviolent Christ as their guide for living and working justly and courageously in the world. He then offers suggestions for incorporating gestures of peace and words of compassion and justice into our daily dealings at home, at work, with difficult people, and as part of the political process. He also shows how our attitudes toward money, time and people can deeply influence our effectiveness in working for a better future.



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Published 01 September 2013
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