Birds, Bees, and Me
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Birds, Bees, and Me



As does the soul of a gay, celibate Christian, the book Birds, Bees, and Me makes its home at the junction of spirituality and sexuality. From adolescence on, navigating the confusion of these topics with the ambiguity of a queer sort of Christianity is both awkward and heart-wrenchingly lonely. Birds, Bees, and Me is here to provide snapshots throughout the journey of one Christian boy who found himself exclusively attracted to other men. The narrative moves forward and backward through the speaker's life in order to paint a picture of the shattered pieces of himself that must be picked up throughout the years. Suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and self-hatred all ensue cyclically with each new discovery and paradigm shift as the author begins to chase after intimacy, identity, and sexuality in ways that his faith had previously restricted. But with each step there is also an invigorated readiness which braces for the cold, misunderstanding world that he and his sexuality must learn to flourish in.



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Published 08 May 2020
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