Christianity at the Cross-Roads
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Christianity at the Cross-Roads



Part I: Christianity and Catholicism
1 Modernism and Tradition
2 Various Forms of Modernism
3 The Old Orthodoxy
4 The New Orthodoxy
5 Newman's Theory of Development
6 First Results of New Testament Criticism
7 The Christ of Liberal Protestantism
8 The Christ of Eschatology
9 The Christ of Catholicism
10 The Abiding Value of the Apocalyptic Idea
11 The Truth-Value of Visions
12 The Apocalyptic Vision of Christ
13 The Apocalyptic Vision and the Catholic Church
Part II: Christianity and Religion
1 Exclusiveness and Tolerance
2 The Unification of Religion
3 The Science of Religions
4 Character of an Universal Religion
5 The Religion and Personality of Jesus
6 The Church and Its Future



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Christianity Cross-r
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by Geor Getyrrell authorof“lexCredendi,” et C.
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