Covenant Renewal at Gilgal
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Covenant Renewal at Gilgal



Covenant Renewal at Gilgal handles one of the points at which the integrity of the Old Testament has been most sharply attacked. Dr. Vannoy has examined all the widely scattered discussion bearing on the Bible verses with which he deals, and has carefully and fairly examined all the arguments presented by German, Dutch, French, and English scholars.
--Allan A. MacRae, President and Professor of Old Testament Biblical School of Theology
"In Covenant Renewal at Gilgal Dr. Vannoy has subjected a controversial section of narrative to close exegetical and form-critical analysis to bring into helpful new light the establishment of the monarchy in Israel. by illuminating the special function of the Gilgal assembly as a covenant renewal ceremony called by Samuel to insure covenant continuity at a time of transition in leadership and in theocratic administration, and after Israel's rebellious abrogation of the covenant in asking for a king, this study brings important new light to covenant history. In doing so, it contributes significantly to our knowledge of the history of redemption, and should lay to rest a number of negative critical judgments that have been around for a long while.
--John H. Stek, Associate Professor of Old Testament Calvin Theological Seminary
In Covenant Renewal at Gilgal Dr. Vannoy provides a very solid and valuable treatment of the key historical-literary problem of the origin and significance of the monarchy as an institution within the Old Testament theocratic kingdom, developing a sound solution through a valid application of the insights arising from the illumination of the divine covenants of the Bible by ancient treaty statecraft.
--Meredith G. Kline, Professory of Old Testament
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



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