Decide for Yourself
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Decide for Yourself


180 Pages


The great Christian doctrines are worth thinking through for ourselves. That's why Gordon Lewis has provided this concise and complete survey of the major truths of the Christian faith.
But rather than just telling us what he has discovered in Scripture, he offers a theological workbook that helps us explore the evidence itself and to draw our own conclusions. He has organized the material around the main themes of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, humanity, creation, the church, and the end times.
This unique text has been used by students of the Bible over the last three decades in the classroom, in the home and in the church. Its enduring quality continues to make it a valuable tool for all who want to develop a systematic theology for themselves.
Of Lewis's six published books, his Decide for Yourself: A Theological Workbook has been the most versatile. It has been used in informal neighborhood and college Bible studies, church education classes, youth groups, Bible schools, colleges, and seminaries, and extension courses in theological education.
It has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Lithuanian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
Chapters 1-3 are updated to interact with the postmodernist views of human language.



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Published 01 October 2012
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Gordon R. Lewis
Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Decide for Yourself A Theological Workbook By Lewis, Gordon R. Copyright©1970 by Lewis, Gordon R. ISBN 13: 978-1-62032-325-0 Publication date 10/1/2012 Previously published by IVP, 1970
prefacet h e t o ep r in t2012 r edition5
preface to the 2012 reprint edition
ïF you enjoy sovîng murder myserîes, you wî ove o decîde wîc oF e aernaîve vîews on probems oF uîmae concern coereny accouns For e reevan bîbîca evîdence. Your an-swers are crucîa For bo îs îFe and e one a Foows î. ïn îs word oF dîverse opînîons, Foowîng e seps în eac caper oF îsWorkbookeps, no ony în decîdîng wa o be-îeve, bu aso înspeakîng up în doctrîna dîscussîons or dîaogs wît anyone, (încudîng your spouse or a anoer reaîve!) Sep 1. BeFore wasîng a o oF îme, be sure bo persons are addressîng one and e same probem. We canno resove many îssues a once. STep 2.Lîsen as careFuy o e oer’s answer as you wan îm or er o îsen o your answer. Consîder bo înîîa vîews asypotesesa may or may no conForm o e evîdence and be rue. ïF your answer îs rue, î wî be born ou by e evî-dence. ïdenîFy and noe any eemens oF agreemen or common ground you Ind. Sep 3. Were dîferences oF bîbîca înerpreaîon arîse on e derîvaîve quesîons, evauae em Irs by e grammar and conex, bu en aso by e reeFod crîerîa oF ru a ave been used în Scrîpure and For ousands oF years sînce. Posmodernîss, wo say ese unîversa prîncîpes were învened în e as cenury by wesern modernîss, are mîsaken. hese crîerîa are rooed în e naure oF e God wo canno îe, knows a e daa and îs wîou guîe în caracer. God creaed man în îs îmage and împemens e crîerîa unîversay în îs genera reveaîon, provîdence and common grace. (a) To be rue, an asserîon mus be ogîcaynon-contradîc-tory. he sures sîgn a a suspec în cour îs no eîng e ru
4/preface To The 2012 reprinT ediTion
îs a conradîcîon oF îs prevîous esîmony. DeInîîon: Two as-serîons conradîc eac oer îF ey airm and deny e same îng a e same îme and în e same respec. No a înerpreîve dîferences are conradîcîons, bu conradîcory asserîons canno bo be rue. (b) To be rue, a proposa mus aso conForm o e observ-abe înes oFevîdenceon e subjec în e conexua meanîng oF e bîbîca wrîers and/or e crîîcay assessed daa oF recorded eyewîness esîmony (oF Crîs’s bodîy resurrecîon) and pubî-cay observabe Facs (homas coud see and ouc îs wounds). (c) ïF rue, one soud be abe o îve by e proposed docrîne wîautentîcîty. A ypocrîîca îFe îs no înended în e Hoy Scrîpures endorsed by e Lord Jesus Crîs. hese ree crîerîa are înegraed în wa ï ca ecoerencees oF ru See car oF crîerîa. Aaced Sep 4. Assen o e ru oF (or beîeve) e mos coeren concusîon a wîou conradîcîon Is e reevan bîbîca eacîng (daa) and sae your docrîne în your own careFuy co-sen words. Ater a îs sudy, no one soud say: “ha’s jus your opîn-îon!” he concusîon oF your researc îs more an jus anoer opînîon. ï îs a rue opînîon, a rue docrîne. ï îs rue because î coereny Is e reevan bîbîca daa on e subjec. Sep 5. Don’ jus exîs. Do no end your dîaog unî you expore îvîng auenîcay by your docrîna concusîon. We-Founded docrînes are rus o îve by as persons, Famîîes, cîî-zens and curces. True docrînes are as essenîa o a Crîsîan’s mora and spîrîua îFe as eay bones are o a Crîsîan’s body. he wordîngs oF e Ive seps în e researc meod oF e reprîn’s Irs ree capers are revîsed, bu you wî noe a ey are essenîay e same as e Ive seps în capers 4-24. Capers 1 o 3 oF e reprîn are updaed by e addîîon oF an înluenîa posmodernîs ypoesîs and by reevan bîbîca reFerences by wîc o es îs vaîdîy.