Defending Catholicism
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Defending Catholicism



Hosts of helpful Catholic apologetic books currently exist; however, a concise treatment that specifically targets all the major Protestant objections in an easily accessible manner is hard to find. Anderson's fourth volume offers such. It provides readers with salient counterpoints for each objection, and most often from the very source Protestants use to deny important aspects of the faith: the Bible. Thus, without even realizing it, Protestants implicitly accept the Catholic faith as they accept the very texts the faith provided them. Important issues such as these are pointed out throughout the book. It is a must-read for Catholics seeking to address Protestant questions, and for Protestants desiring to understand why Catholicism claims to be biblical through and through. This work cogently articulates how Catholicism is biblical, and just how often Protestant positions are untenable.



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Published 11 July 2019
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