Esther and Her Elusive God
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Esther and Her Elusive God



What if the way the book of Esther has been taught to us in church and retold to us in films, cartoons, and romance novels has missed the original point of the story? Far from being models of piety and devotion, Esther and Mordecai seem indifferent to the faith of their ancestors. How then did this story become part of the Bible and gain the broad acceptance that it has? If the church should not neglect the story, how should it be read? Esther and Her Elusive God calls Christians to avoid the common attempts to make Esther more palatable and theological, and to reclaim this secular story as Scripture. Readers will be encouraged to see in Esther a profound message of God's grace and faithfulness to his wayward people.



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Published 12 February 2014
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EstherandHer Elusie God
EstherandHer Elusie God
How a Secular Story Functions as Scripture
J A D 
Wît a Foreword by Ronad W. Pîerce
ESER AND ER EUSïVE GOD ô a Secua Sô Fucôŝ aŝ Scpue
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Scpue quôaôŝ ake (NRSV) ae ake ô e Ne Revŝe Saa Ve-ŝô Be, côpg 1989, Dvŝô ô Cŝa Eucaô ô e Naôa Côuc ô e Cuceŝ ô Cŝ  e Ue Saeŝ ô Aeca. Uŝe  peŝŝô. A gŝ eŝeve.
For A te aîtu exîes îvîng în te dîaspora o Las Vegas, a and lowîng wît It and money
Foreword by Ronad W. Pîerceîx Preace xî
ïôucô 1
Part One: A Secuar Story  1 Eŝe & He Côpôŝe 15  2 Eŝe & He Côvea 35  3 Eŝe & He Côve-Up 68
Part Two: Canonica & heoogica Relections on A Secuar Story  4 Eŝe & He Caô 95  5 Eŝe & He Cuc 111
Appendîx: A Coser Look at te Reatîonsîp between te LXX and te AT 131 Bîbîograpy 137 Ancîent Document ïndex 143 Name ïndex 154 Subject ïndex 157
e ca ôôk ô Eŝe—a ŝ, e veŝô  e ee Be ec-ôgze aŝ Scpue  Jeŝ a Pôeŝaŝ—aŝ pôŝe a ŝgIca caege ô ŝ eaeŝ ôugôu ŝ ea ŝô. Becauŝe  akeŝ ô eô ô Gô, egô, ô eôôg,  aŝ ee eeŝe, eôôgze, ôacze, aegôze, eôze—ô ŝp gôe  e cuc. ï eeŝg a ŝgu côaŝ, Jô Due akeŝ ŝ eaeŝ ack ô e ôga veŝô ô ŝ ôŝ au cate aave, pôv-g a caeu a ôeŝ exaaô ô e ŝace ex aŝ  ŝaŝ, ô ŝ ô eŝ. ï ôg ŝô, e ŝcôveŝ a Eŝe ŝ ee a ŝecua ŝô aôu a aŝŝae Jeŝ ea  e It-ceu BCE, côôŝg ô ve  aŝpôa ate e Baôa exe  e Peŝa c ô Suŝa. Eŝe a e côuŝ Môeca ŝô ô côce ô, ô eve aaeeŝŝ ô, e e-ece eŝôaô ô e Jeŝ peôpe ô Jeuŝae, ô e cag ô Gô ô ve ŝepaae a pue veŝ eôe e Geeŝ. Due côcueŝ a e eveace  e e ŝ ue ŝôe ô Gô’ŝ gace a aueŝŝ ô ŝ côvea  Aaa. M eeŝŝ  e ôôk ô Eŝe ge aôgŝe  ŝu ô e Dae aaveŝ (eŝp., cŝ. 3 & 6). Eŝe ôŝ a ŝap côaŝ ô Dae a ŝ eŝ ô ae eŝcuebecausee côôŝe ô ea au ô Gô  exe (ŝee “He Pôcŝ ô Eŝe a Môeca: Côuage ô Cô-pôŝe,” BBR 2 (1992), 75–89). Aŝô, aŝ a avôcae ô ca gee equa, ï ave ee gue, a ŝae, a e a Eŝe ŝ eôze ô ôacze  ôŝe egage  e ôeŝe akŝ-ô aŝk ô ggg e appôpae ŝauŝ a ucô ô gô ôe  eae-ŝp  Scpue. We ï côue ô appau e efôŝ  geea, ï agee  Due a Eŝe ôeŝ ô a ô ŝ caegô—a côcuŝô a aŝ, a  côue ô, evôke puŝack ô a  e cuc. He ŝe ôEster and Her Eusîve Godŝ ôôug egagg a cea, akg  acceŝŝe ô e ô-ecca eae ôu ŝacIcg
acaec eg. Aôug ŝ ŝ ô a aôa côea, Due eôŝaeŝ ŝ ŝeôuŝ côe ô e ŝpe a auôave -ca ex, e a e ŝae e eacg ôugu a eŝpecu  e ôae ô ô Eŝe ŝcôaŝp. Due’ŝ ug eeŝ ô eComprîse,CovenantaCover-Up(capeŝ 1–3) ake ŝ caŝe ô e eag a eŝŝage ô Eŝe. He caôca a eôôgca eLecôŝ  eCanonaCurcŝecôŝ (capeŝ 4–5) aeŝŝ Eŝe’ŝ pacca ŝgIcace ô ôŝe ôa a ceŝ ŝ ôôk aŝ ŝace Scpue. Eveôe ôveŝ a gôô ŝô! Hŝ ceave a ŝgu côuô  Jô Due aŝ ôug ôe ô ôu avôe ŝôeŝ ô uŝ aga, e  a eee appecaô ô ŝ auec a e ôe ô ca aave. ŝ ôôk ŝ a uŝ-ea ô aôe a aŝ puzze ôve Eŝe’ŝ ŝô—ô ŝp ôveŝ .
Rôa W. Pece, Bôa Uveŝ Cô-eô,Dîscoverîng Bîbîca Equaîty(2005) Auô,Partners în Marrîage and Mînîstry(2011) Auô,Danîe,eac e ex Côea (2014)