Every Member Evangelism for Today
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Every Member Evangelism for Today


122 Pages


Now a classic work in communication of the gospel to all people has been revised and updated to make it even more vital to contemporary needs. J. E. Conant's Every Member Evangelism remains a stirring call to arms to all Christians, a call back to the divine program given by Jesus to evangelize the world. It is a manual of arms as well, showing why and how every church can fully mobilize every member in the service of Christ and his message. In this revision, Roy J. Fish completely updates the language and substitutes new examples more in line with present-day experience. Conant's vision and fervor are intact. Just as Every Member Evangelism was the standard work for the growing church of an earlier day, this new version comes at a time when the need for it has never been greater.



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Published 01 July 2009
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Every Member Evangelism for Today An Updating of J. E. Conant's Classic Every Member Evangelism By Fish, Roy J. and Conant, J. E. Copyright©1976 by Fish, Roy J. ISBN 13: 9781606088449 Publication date 5/19/2009 Previously published by Harper & Row, Publishers, 1976
During my firsT year as a seminary sTudenT, a friend gave me a copy of a book wic ad profoundly influenced is life. As I readEvery Member EvangelismJ. E. ConanT, I was callenged and inspired Toward an by enTusiasm for personal evangelism. My vision was enlarged in waT I can only describe as a mind-expanding experience unlike any previous encounTer wiT maTerials relaTing To Te same Topic. Wen I assumed my responsibiliTies as professor of evangelism aT SouTwesTern BapTisT heological Seminary,Every Member Evangelismwas an immediaTe coice as a TexT for my basic course. AT TaT Time Te book ad been in prinT over forTy years, and muc of Te illusTraTive maTerial was ouTdaTed. NeverTeless Te basic message was relevanT and exTremely pungenT. Ater using Te book for Ten years, I concluded TaT Te Time for updaTing ad come. Finding Te publiser in agreemenT, I began Te work. Some of Te TexT as been rewriTTen considerably, buT Te basic idea remains uncanged: Every curc member ougT To be equipped for, and To engage in, personal evangelism. In many CrisTian circles Today Te prevailing Teme is Te “deeper life.” his empasis on Te minisTry of Te Holy SpiriT is a wolesome concern and as been a major facTor in curc renewal.Every Member Evangelism for TodaysTresses Te viTal relaTionsip beTween Te deeper life and evangelism and aTTempTs To blend Te Two. IT as been revised and updaTed in Te ope TaT iT will do for you waT my iniTial read-ing of iT did for me some Two decades ago. Unless oTerwise indicaTed by sTandard abbreviaTion, ScripTure passages are quoTed from Te King James Version. Roy J. Fis hD DisTinguised Professor of Evangelism EmeriTus SouTwesTern BapTisT heological Seminary