Free Church, Free State
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Free Church, Free State


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"A church free from state control and a state free from church control"--Such is one of the radical insights of a baptist vision of church and society.
-- What exactly is a baptist vision of the church?
-- What are the biblical, historical and theological roots of this approach to Christian community?
-- What is the place of such a vision in the context of a global church that includes alternative notions of the body of Christ?
Free Church, Free State is a textbook on baptist ways of being church and a proposal for the future of baptist churches in an ecumenical context. Nigel Wright argues that both baptist (small 'b') and catholic (small 'c') church traditions should seek to enrich and support each other as valid expressions of the body of Christ without sacrificing what they hold dear.
Written for pastors, church planters, evangelists and preachers, Nigel Wright offers frameworks of thought for baptists and non-baptists in their journey together following Christ.



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Free Church, Free State
Free Church, Free State
Free Church, Free State
The Positive Baptist Vision
Nigel G. Wright
Free Church, Free State
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Free Church, Free State
Foreword Introduction: Aims and Oddities
On This Rock: Biblical and Theological Foundations for the Church Introduction A Radical Way What is the Church? Where is the Church? The Church as the Image of the Trinity The Church of Jesus Christ Primary Images of the Church The Priority of Mission The Church and the Kingdom of God The ‘Ecclesial Minimum’
Genesis and Genius: Types, Traditions and Baptist Origins Introduction Unity and Diversity Divergent Views of the Church The Genesis of the Church The Persistence of the SectType The Reformation and its Aftermath Anabaptism
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Contents Free Church, Free State
The Genius of Anabaptism The Genesis of the English Baptists Baptist Beliefs The Wave of the Future
The Gathering Church: A Community of Disciples Introduction The Corpus Christianum The Church as the Community of the Regenerate Membership of the Body of Christ Church Membership and Process The Church as an Ordered and Disciplined Community The Community of Disciples
The Baptism of Disciples: The Nature of Christian Initiation Introduction The Initiatory Rite The Meaning of Baptism The Normal Christian Birth Infant Versus Believers Baptism The Case for Infant Baptism Criticisms of Infant Baptism Frequently Asked Questions The Grace of Baptism
The Feast of Life: Communion and Body Politics Introduction A Baptist Concept of Sacramental Action Communion as a Sacrament The Meaning of Communion The ‘Real’ Presence The Politics of Practice The Active Presence of God
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A Kingdom of Priests: The Government of the Congregation Introduction The Common Ownership of Power Alternatives to Congregationalism The Congregational Order Grounding the Positive Vision Beyond Distortion
The Children of the Church: People of Promise Introduction The Catechumenate The Status of Children The Church as Hospitable Space The Blessing of Children The Shape of the Rite The Scope of the Rite Pastoral Issues and Questions
Ministers and Members: Ordination and Enabling Introduction The Leadership of Some and the Ministry of All The Origins of the Ministries The Pattern of the Ministries Ordination Ministry and ‘Necessity’ Ministry and Authority Ministry: A Positive Vision
Relating and Resourcing: The Communion of Churches Introduction The Church: Local, Universal and Eschatological Associating and Association A Biblical Basis for Associating Synods and Councils
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Free ChCuorcnht,enFtrsee State
Associations and Competence Being Church Beyond the Local Church A Theology of Oversight
10. The Separation of Church and State: Dissent, Religious Freedom and Tolerance Introduction Dissent, Nonconformity and the Free Church The Free Church Mind Tolerance in Society Tolerance in the Church
11. The Free State: Understanding the Social and Political Order Introduction A Classical Text The Trinitarian Vision of the Church The Social Order and the State The Relationship of Church and Social Order The Church and Violence
12. Paradigms for Engagement: The Shape of the Future Introduction A Typology for New Ways of Being Church A Typology for Ecumenical Engagement A Typology for Engagement with the Social and Political Environment Both Participating and Possessing Final Words
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