Fullness of Life
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Fullness of Life


186 Pages


Margaret Miles here explores Christianity's understandings of the human body in the past and presents new concepts for the future. An enlightening investigation into how the body has been perceived through the ages, Fullness of Life offers surprising conclusions that historic Christian authors from Ignatius of Antioch to Thomas Aquinas, far from viewing the body in a negative way, have been overwhelmingly affirmative. Providing the basis for a greater appreciation of the human body as the focus of life and salvation, this unique work sheds a new light on what it means to be fully alive and fully human in the Christian tradition.



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Published 01 June 2006
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Fullness of Life Historical Foundations for a New Asceticism By Miles, Margaret R. Copyright©1981 by Miles, Margaret R. ISBN: 1-59752-752-1 Publication date 6/7/2006 Previously published by The Westminster Press, 1981