God, Family and Sexuality
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God, Family and Sexuality


"This timely book addresses the problem of the family in crisis and challenges us to look at family values from a biblical perspective. Some of these are hard questions and we will not all agree on how to tackle them, but God, Family and Sexuality is a wonderful place to start."
--Linden Bowing, CARE
"Christian faith should be marked by a distinctive lifestyle. Nowhere in our culture is that distinctiveness being challenged more than in the area of sexuality. This book is a very welcome contribution from a range of well-qualified people who argue convincingly that the future of the church and our civilization are at stake."
--Bill Wallace, Convener, Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility
"... a series of well-informed and responsible engagements with questions relating to human sexuality... a serious attempt to hear God's word speaking amidst the Babel of voices clamoring for attention on these topics... should be read widely within and outside the Christian community in the interest of a genuinely plural and balanced public dialogue."
--Trevor Hart, Professor of Divinity, University of St. Andrews



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