God in 3D
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God in 3D



This groundbreaking book sets out fresh arguments that common views on the doctrine of the Trinity are mistaken, on three counts. One, the idea of the Trinity can't be found explicitly in Scripture. Two, it is a mystery irrational to the human mind. Three, the classical creeds of the church are the best place to start. These old ideas break down in light of recent research in biblical studies.
Writing in plain English, the author sets out where the Trinity can be found in Hebrew and Christian Scripture; that it is rational and understandable; and that there are biblical ways of understanding it that are easier to get across than the classical creeds.
This book offers what many interested in teaching or learning about the Trinity have lacked up to now. And it will be a great help to those who are unsure how to communicate the idea of the Trinity in ways that the nonspecialist can understand.
For the scholar interested in biblical and early-church studies, recent insights from temple theology and name theology produce a fresh perspective that will stimulate further discussion on this important subject.
In the temple of God, we find the triune God.



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Published 11 December 2019
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