How to Survive Being Human
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How to Survive Being Human



When this book was first published in 1970 as The Christian Under Pressure, it was a Book Club selection of the Spiritual Book Associates. America magazine's Father C.J. McNaspy, S.J., said of it: "It has been a long time since any book has stirred more empathetic vibrations, gripped me more viscerally, left me so simply delighted and healthier. Not, perhaps, since C.S. Lewis burst upon us back in the 40's has anything like this appeared--so fresh, so wise, so understanding."
Some Earlier Works
The Business of Circumference: A Kaleidoscope
"It's easy to give the highest recommendations to a collection of essays that has so much heart and wisdom." NC News Service
The Documents of Vatican II
National Catholic Book Award for Translation
The Pain and the Privilege: Memoir
"Historically important." The Catholic Historical Review
Voices of Strength and Hope for a Friend with AIDS
"I like it very much." Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross



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