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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Hutterite Roots By Hofer, Arnold and Hofer, Norman Copyright©1985 The Hutterite Centennial Steering Committee ISBN 13: 978-1-62032-418-9 Publication date 12/1/2012 Previously published by Pine Hill Press, 1985
Preface toHUTTERITE ROOTS2012 Reprint Edition
HUTTERITE ROOTS was irst publîsed în 1985 as a companîon book to HISTORY OF THE HUTTERITE MENNONITES. Bot books ave been out of prînt for many years. In te summer of 2011 we reprîntedHISTORY OF THE HUTTERITE MENNONITES.
Because of te demand for tese books, te Hutterîte Mennonîte Centennîal Commîttee as decîded to reprînt bot books. We ave been very careful to în-clude all înformatîon as prînted în te orîgînal publîcatîons. he lîst of Bîrts, Deats, Marrîages and Baptîsm among te Hutterîtes îs exactly as prînted în te orîgînal versîon.
We ave addedTHE HUTTERITE LEADERSHIP IN ROMANIA AND RUSSIA 1741-1879 lîst as presented by Tony Waldner of Forest Rîver Colony, Fordvîlle, Nort Dakota. We tank Tony Waldner for tîs researc and compîlîng tîs lîstîng.
We ave added a map of Europe and Russîa sowîng te mîgratîons of te Hutterîtes. We are grateful to Wîllîam Scroeder and Helmut T. Huebert and Sprîngield Publîsers of Wînnîpeg, Manîtoba, Canada for înclusîon of tîs out-standîng map.
Bot books may be purcased from te Hutterîte Mennonîte Centennîal Commîttee.
Delmer Hofer P.O. Box 476 1009 Stadîum Drîve Freeman, SD 57029
Vernon P. Hofer P.O. Box 688 1002 Stadîum Drîve Freeman, SD 57029
Norman Hofer 43439 279 t St Freeman,SD 57029
Hutterite Leadership in Romania and Russia 17411879
Introduction  The îrst part of theKirchenbuchcontains a detailed church election record of the leaders from 1755 to the mid 1800’s When Arnold Hofer translated theKirchenbuchhe left out this îrst part. His main objective was to provide the Hutterian genealogy record from the years in Russia. With the following translation of the îrst 14 pages, this edition ofHut-terites Rootsnow has the complete translation of Johannes Waldner’sKirchenbuch. (The original book is now in a Lehrerleut colony in Alberta.)
Translated by Tony Waldner 2012
Alwinz Ministers
December 30, 1741  I,Mertl Rothwas elected to be Servant of the Word and was presented to the community at Saba-tisch.
th  On the 8 of April, 1742, I was ordained by Zacharias Walter and his assistant. Afterwards I was 1 appointed to serve [at Alwinz] in Transylvania (Siebenbürgen). The community was put into my care and trust to watch over and guard their souls. The community was spiritually very run down and I had to put in much effort to restore things for their salvation. I was 24 years old when the service of God’s Word was entrusted and laid upon me. May God the Almighty grant me understanding and wisdom out of his holy arsenal (H. Rüstkammer), that I may lead God’s people in that which is good and godly.
2 [Johannes Waldner adds the following :]This was recorded in a little book in Mertl Roth’s own handwriting on Dec. 12, 1746. Later, in the persecution at Alwinz, he fell from the Faith. Soon afterwards he passed away with an evil conscience. His wife, Gretl, also died of a certain ailment [which was left blank]. August 15, 1747  Br.Joseph Kuhrof Alwinz was elected to be Servant of the Word on trial basis [in die Versuchung gestellt] in front of the community at Sabatisch. On October 12, 1748, Br.Joseph Kuhrwas ordained as Servant of the Word with laying on of hands by Zacharias Walter at Sabatisch
Elders in Russia October 17, 1779  After the passing away of our beloved BrotherHans Kleinsasser, Br.Joseph Kuhrwas chosen to care for the Lord’s community as Elder. May 7, 1794  After the passing away of our beloved Brother Joseph Kuhr, Br.Johannes Waldnerwas chosen to care for the Lord’s community as Elder.
 He led the community in Raditschewa as Elder until 1817. After thisJacob Walterfrom Saba-tisch, who had been elected as Servant in 1810 and served as his assistant minister, revolted against him [Johannes Waldner] and with help from his followers terminated community life and instituted private property. He discontinued the old community regulations and set up things similar to the Mennonites. He was given the ofîce of mayor and minister through the power of the government and with his two assis-tants, he rules the whole community spiritually and temporally. Written October 30, 1822. 1846  George Waldnerwas ordained as Elder by [retiring] Elder Jacob Walter. He served the commu-nity as minister 20 years and as Elder 10 years in Hutterthal.
1 2
Information in parentheses is the original German term or phrase. Information in brackets and the footnotes was added by the editor. Titles were also added.
September 12, 1761
Minister Elections (Kreuz and Russia)
 BrotherHans Kleinsasserwas elected Servant of the Word and presented to the community at Kreuz on trial basis. In 1763, on the second Sunday after Epiphany (H. Dreikönigen) Br.Hans Klein-sasserwas ordained at Alwinz in Siebenbürgen with laying on of hands by the Elder Mertl Roth along with his assistant, Joseph Kuhr and other elders.
October 30, 1779 BrotherJoseph Müllerwas elected as Servant of the Word and presented to the community on October 31 on trial basis.  Joseph Müller 13 votes Mathias Kleinsasser 2 votes  Christian Wurtz 2 votesPaul Glanzer 1 vote  Johannes Waldner 3 votes
On January 6, 1780 Br.Joseph Müllerhad the prayer service for the îrst time nd th th Feb.Mar.2 time  1 4 time  8 Mar. 21 6 time rd th  Feb.time Mar.21 3 time14 5
On March 22, 1780, Br.Joseph Müllerwas ordained with laying on of hands by Elder Joseph Kuhr, who was Elder in Wischink, Ukraine (Klein RusslandOn March 29, 1780, Br.) at this time. Joseph Müllerheld his îrst [Sunday] service on John 6.
August 16, 1782  BrotherJohannes Waldnerwas elected Servant of the Word and presented to the community the following day on trial basis.  Johannes Waldner 20 votes; Paul Glanzer 1 vote; Mathias Müller 1 vote
 On January 16, 1783, Br.Johannes Waldnerhad the prayer service for the îrst time. nd th th Feb.Mar.2 time  7 Mar. 29 4 time  1 6 time rd th  Feb. 26 3 time Mar.time26 5
On April 2, 1783, Br.Johannes Waldner[1753-1824] was ordained with the laying on of hands by Elder Joseph Kuhr, who was Elder in Wischink, Ukraine (Klein Russland) at this time. On April 8, 1783, Br.Johannes Waldnerheld his îrst [Sunday] service on Romans 6.
May 13, 1792
3 BrotherAndreas Wurtzwas elected Servant of the Word and presented to the community on trial
Written “Wurtzi” in the original
Christian Hofer Johannes Stahl Andreas Wurtz
12 votes 5 votes8 votes
Johannes Kleinsasser Jacob Hofer
3 votes 1 vote
Even though Br. Christian Hofer had the most votes, he totally refused [the job] feeling himself unworthy for it. So the lot was used andBr.Andreas Wurtzwas chosen. On September 26, 1792, Br.Andreas Wurtzhad the prayer service for the îrst time. nd th th Oct. 10 2 time Nov. 28 7 time Dec. 26 12 time rd th th  Oct. 24 3 time Dec. time27 13 time Dec. 5 8 th th th  Oct. 31 4 time Dec. 12 9 timetime Jan. 1 14 th th th  Nov. 14 5 time Dec. 19 10 timetime2 15  Jan. th th th  Nov. 21 6 time Dec. 25 11 timetime Jan. 7 16
 On January 16, 1793, Br.Andreas Wurtzwas ordained as Servant of the Gospel with the laying on of hands by Elder Joseph Kuhr, and Brother Johannes Waldner at Wischink, Ukraine(Klein Russland).On January 31, BrotherAndreas Wurtzheld his îrst [Sunday] service on Luke 3.
May 29, 1810
 BrotherJacob Walterwas elected Servant of the Word and presented to the community on trial basis. This was done through the lot.  Mathias Waldner 20 votes Joseph Kleinsasser 4 votes  Jacob Hofer 5 votes Jacob Walter 8 votes
 On August 14,Br. Jacob Walterhad the prayer service for the îrst time. nd th th 2 timeAug. 28 14 timeDec. 25 6 8 time  Nov. rd th th  Sep. 11 3 time Nov. 20 9 time Dec. 26 15 time th th th  Sep. 25 4 time Nov. 27 10 time27 16  Dec. time th th th  Oct. 9 5 time Dec. 4 11 time Jan. 1 17 time th th th  Oct. 23 6 time Dec. 11 12 timetime9 18  Jan. th th th  Oct. 30 7 time Dec. 18 13 time14 19 time Jan.
On January 22, 1811, BrotherJacob Walterwas ordained as Servant of the Word with the laying on of hands by Bother Johannes Waldner at Raditschewa. On January 29, Br.Jacob Walterheld his îrst [Sunday] service on Psalms 133.
April 1, 1818
 BrotherJoseph Kleinsasserwas elected Servant of the Word and presented to the community on trial basis. This was done by majority vote (Mehrheit der StimmenJune of 1822, he was ordained by]. In 4 Walter.
4 The community was already living in private ownership, therefore Elder Johannes Waldner was not involved in the ordination and doesn’t acknowledge Jakob Walter as a Brother.
January 10, 1825
 After the beloved Brother Johannes Waldner passed away, the whole community elected these two brothers as Servants of the Word:Jacob Hofer and Jerg theirIn 1826, they were ordained service by Elder Jacob Walter
 After the beloved Brother Joseph Kleinsasser passed away, the whole community elected a Ser-vant of the Word: BrotherDavid Hoferand presented to the community on trial basis.
5  The following brothers were elected as Teacher [of the Word] : 6 7 8 Martin Waldner Jakob Wipf Peter Hofer
June 21, 1865
 Two Brothers,Michel StahlandJohann Waldnerwere ordained as Teachers of the Word by El-der Peter Wedel [a Mennonite] in the schoolhouse at Hutterthal.
January 30, 1866
9  BrotherPaul Tschetterwas elected Teacher of God’s Word and on February 27, he held his îrst [Sunday] service on Timothy 4 in the Hutterthal schoolhouse. On July 10, 1866, ServantPaul Tschetterwas ordained as minister in Hutterthal by Elder Peter Wedel of Alexanderwohl.
5 6 7 8 9
According to the Klein-Geschichtbuch this was done through majority vote (Mehrheit der Stimmen) Martin Waldner 1832 - 1890 Hutterthal Church, Freeman, SD Jakob Wipf 1837 - 1896 Lehrerleut founder JohannesruhPeter Hofer 1835- 1900 Lehrerleut co-founder Johannesruh Paul Tschetter 1842 - 1919 Delegate to America Neu Hutterthal (Ordained as Elder in America among the Prairieleut in 1883)
“John L. Wipf”
Neu Hutterthal
Schmiedeleut founder
Wilhelm Tschetter
Johannes Hofer
Schmiedeleut co-founder
“Paulela Paul”
Paul Hofer
David Waldner
Jacob Hofer
Joseph Wipf
Michael Waldner
Johann Wipf
“Johann Hofer”
Dariusleut co-founder
removed from ofîce after 1857
Additional Ministers  The latter years in Russia are marked by a period of lax record-keeping. It is not surprising that some minsters are not listed in the Kirchenbuch. Here is a list of additional ministers elected in Russia.
1830 - 1913
1835 - 1903
1844 - 1916
1763 10  BrotherJoseph Müller was the îrst to be appointed (verordnet) Steward, when community life was started at Kreuz in Siebenbürgen. Soon after, for certain reasons, he was relieved of this job and BrotherJoseph Kleinsassertook his place.
 Our beloved BrotherAndreas WurtzBrotherpassed away in the Lord at Profeschein, Walachia. Paul Glanzerthen took his place as Steward. 10The înancial manager of the community. 11 Steward’s assistant, among the Hutterites today, is the farm manager or“Weinzedel”
assistant to Paul Tschetter
Neu Hutterthal, Bridgewater, SD
Hutterdorf, Freeman, SD
Dariusleut founder
November 13, 1769
1816 - 1882
1843 - 1928
1847 - 1922
1841 - 1919
Darius Walter
1765  After the Brothers from Stein and Eibesdorf united with Kreuz, it was unanimously decided to ap-11 point BrotherAndreas WurtzSteward and BrotherJoseph Kleinsassershould be his assistant.
1835 - ?
Zacharias Walter
Jörg Hofer
1796 - 1860
1830 - 1901
1834 - 1889