In the Name of Submission
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In the Name of Submission



Whatever happened to happily-ever-after?
For the woman physically abused by her husband, home is a nest of nightmares.
She's too afraid to stay. It only gets worse . . . One day he'll kill me . . . the kids will be next . . .
And she's too afraid to leave. I know he wants to change . . . there's still a chance . . . it's all over if I leave--and anyway, where could I go?
This book helps the abuse victim think through her fears--and then take positive, loving action. In a marriage chronically infected by violence, she'll learn why the very best first step--best for all concerned--is often simply to get out for a time.
She'll learn how to take that step with courage and wisdom . . . and without losing hope for her marriage.



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Published 01 January 2008
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