Introductory Syriac Method and Manual
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Introductory Syriac Method and Manual



The study of languages forms the foundation of any study of ancient societies. While we are dependent upon archaeology to unearth pottery, tools, buildings, and graves, it is through reading the documentary evidence that we learn the nuances of each culture--from receipts and letters to myths and legends. And the access to those documents comes only through the basic work of deciphering scripts, conjugating verbs, untangling syntax, and mastering vocabulary.

Ancient Language Resources brings together some of the most significant reference works for the study of ancient languages, including grammars, dictionaries, and related materials. While most of the volumes will be reprints of classic works, we also intend to include new publications. The linguistic circle is widely drawn, encompassing Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Hattic, Hittite (Nesite), Hurrian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Ethiopic, Arabic, Greek, Coptic, Latin, Mandaean, Armenian, and Gothic. It is the hope of the publishers that this will continue to encourage study of the ancient languages and keep the work of groundbreaking scholars accessible.

--K. C. Hanson Series Editor



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Inroducory Syriac Meod and Manual
Ancien Language Resources
K. C. Hanson, Series Edior
Arno Poebel Fundamenals of Sumerian Grammar/ Grundzüge der Sumeriscen Grammaik
A. H. Sayce Assyrian Grammar
Samuel A. B. Mercer Inroducion o Assyrian Grammar he Suden’s Concise Hebrew-Englis LeXicon of e Bible Heinric Ewald Synax of e Hebrew Language of e Old Tesamen
S. R. Driver A Treaise on e Use of e Tenses in Hebrew
William R. Harper Hebrew Vocabularies
M. H. Segal A Grammar of Misnaic Hebrew
William B. Sevenson Grammar of Palesinian Jewis Aramaic
R. Payne Smi hesaurus Syriacus
J. Payne Smi A Compendious Syriac Dicionary
Carl Brockelmann Lexicon Syriacum
William Jennings Lexicon o e Syriac New Tesamen
Rober Dick Wilson Inroducory Syriac Meod and Manual
Eberard Nesle Syriac Grammar
heodor Nöldeke Compendius Syriac Grammar
heodor Nöldeke Mandaean Grammar / Mandäisce Grammaik
Augus Dillman and Carl Bezold Eiopic Grammar
William W. Goodwin A Greek Grammar
William W. Goodwin Synax of e Moods and Tenses of e Greek Verb
Ernes D. Buron Synax of e Moods and Tenses in New Tesamen Greek
J. B. Smi Greek-Englis Concordance o e New Tesamen
Edwin A. Abbo Joannine Vocabulary
Edwin A. Abbo Joannine Grammar
W. E. Crum A Copic Dicionary
Edgar J. Goodspeed Index Parisicus
homas O. Lambdin An Inroducion o e Goic Language
Inroducory Syriac Meod and Manual
R D W
New Foreword and Bibliograpy by K. C. Hanson
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Wilson, Robert Dick, 1856–1930. Introductory Syriac method and manual / by Robert Dick Wilson. New Foreword and Bibliography by K. C. Hanson.
Ancient Language Resources
 13: 978-1-55635-063-4
xviii + 160 p. ; 23 cm.
Readings and word lists in Syriac and English; manual in English.
. Syriac language—Grammar. I. Hanson, K. C. (Kenneth C.) II. Title. III. Series.
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Series Foreword
    forms e foundaion of any sudy T of ancien socieies. Wile we are dependen upon arcaeol-ogy o unear poery, ools, buildings, and graves, i is roug reading e documenary evidence a we learn e nuances of eac culure—from receips and leers o mys and legends. And e access o ose documens comes only roug e basic work of decipering scrips, conjugaing verbs, unangling synaX, and masering vocabulary. Ancient Language Resourcesbrings ogeer some of e mos significan reference works for e sudy of ancien lan-guages, including grammars, dicionaries, and relaed maerials. Wile mos of e volumes will be reprins of classic works, we also inend o include new publicaions. he linguisic circle is widely drawn, encompassing Egypian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ugariic, Poenician, Haic, Hiie (Nesie), Hurrian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Eiopic, Arabic, Greek, Copic, Lain, Mandaean, Armenian, and Goic. I is e ope of e publisers a is will coninue o encourage sudy of e ancien languages and keep e work of groundbreaking scolars accessible.
—K. C. Hanson  Series Edior