Jesus: Is He the Messiah of Israel?
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Jesus: Is He the Messiah of Israel?



Jesus: Is He Israel's Messiah? Indeed he is! This book seeks to give evidence for Jesus being the Messiah of Israel and the world by drawing on various sources ranging from certain ideas observed in the Dead Sea Scrolls produced by the Qumran community, including illuminating certain writings concerning Messiah generated by ancient rabbis. The author also seeks to establish many prophecies fulfilled by Christ as spoken of in the Tanakh (Old Testament) and gives a strong case for miracles and the resurrection of Jesus. An exposition of selected parables taught by Jesus at the end of this book will reveal that the very claims he made about himself came from no other than Messiah-authenticated by his own ministry of miracles, fulfilled prophesy, performing resurrections including his own literal and physical rising from the dead.



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Published 28 January 2011
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