Jesus is Victor!
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Jesus is Victor!



Karl Barth's theology is both challenging and disconcerting to those who stand in the tradition of Protestant evangelicalism. Yet his theological method presents a solid alternative to both rationalism and mysticism that dominate much current theology.
With striking clarity, Dr. Bloesch analyzes Barth's theology with special emphasis on his doctrine of salvation. Barth holds that everything that is of any consequence in the religious dimension of human life has already been accomplished in Christ. Johann Christoph Blumhardt characterized this theme by the phrase, "Jesus Is Victor!" In Christ Jesus, the victory over the powers of darkness was forever secured, and the whole world is now claimed for his kingdom. In this theology there is no final rejection of humanity by God, no irrevocable condemnation.
Analyzing this controversial stance, Dr. Bloesch raises questions and takes issue at many points - not as a hostile critic but as a student debating with a master teacher. The result is a significant evaluation of one of the theological giants of the twentieth century at the point of his major doctrine.



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