Jesus of Nazareth
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Jesus of Nazareth



Historian, writer, intellectual, Joseph Klausner was a prolific and leading contributor to the modern revival of Hebrew culture and thought.

Herbert Danby (1889 – 1953) was an Anglican priest and writer who played a central role in the change of attitudes toward Judaism in the first half of the twentieth century. Danby had a distinguished career at Oxford, winning the Junior Septuagint Prize, the Pusey and Ellerton Scholarship, the Houghton Syriac Prize and a Senior Kennicott Scholarship. He achieved a first class degree in Oriental Languages, and was awarded an MA in 1914. His studies continued after he started work, and he was made a Doctor of Divinity in 1923, partly for his translation Tractate Sanhedrin, Mishna and Tosefta, published in 1919.



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