Laity’s Mission in the Local Church
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Laity’s Mission in the Local Church



Dr. Leonard Doohan is Professor Emeritus at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. He has written twenty-four books and many articles and has given hundreds of workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East. Dr. Doohan has written six books on various aspects of the New Testament, and six books on the spirituality and roles of laity in the contemporary church. Doohan's recent books include Spiritual Leadership: The Quest for Integrity (2007), Enjoying Retirement: Living Life to the Fullest (2010), Courageous Hope: The Call of Leadership (2011), The One Thing Necessary: The Transforming Power of Christian Love (2012), Spiritual Leadership: How to Become a Great Spiritual Leader--Ten Steps and a Hundred Suggestions (2014), Ten Strategies to Nurture Our Spiritual Lives (2014), and Rediscovering Jesus' Priorities (2014).



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Laity’s Missio in the Local Church Laity’s Mission inthe Local Church Setting a New Direction Setting a New Direction By Doohan, Leonard By Doohan, Leonard Copyright©1986 by Doohan, Leonard Copyright©1986 by Doohan, Leonard ISBN 13: 978 1-5326-0857-5 ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-0857-5 Publication date 9/10/2016 Publication date 9/10/2016 Previously published by Harper & Row, 1986 Previously published by Harper &Row, 1986
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This book was originally published in the late eighties, a time of renewal This book was originally published inthe late eighties, a time ofand excitemen in the Church. Some of th hopes of that time have been renewal and excitementin the Church.Someof the hopes of that r alized, and others still eed the generous response f all in the Church. timehave beenrealized, and others still needthe generous Once again in our own generation a new spirit is stirri g in the Church. We response of all in the Church. Once again in our own generationmust overcome the failures of the past and prepare ours lves for a future of a new spirit is stirringin the Church. We must overcome thefailures growth and responsibility. Let us rekindle spiritual insight, accept our of the past and prepare ourselves for a future of growth and iritual destiny, and refocu on the e senti l teaching of our common responsibility. Let us rekindlespiritualinsight,accept ourspiritual baptismal r spon ibili y. Whil m ny have left the instituti al churches, destiny, and refocusonthe essential teaching of our commonbaptismal and ad y may n ver return, perhaps the challenge to renew l of Pope Francis responsibility. Whilemany have left theinstitutional churches,and sadly may re-attract them to the ssentials of Christian commitment. The Church may never return, perhaps thechallenge to renewalof Pope Francis may will grow and ben fit from n in ormed l ity who deepens knowledge of the re-attract them to theessentials ofChristiaThe Churchn commitment. essenti l teachings f faith. This book can remind us of the chall nges we will growand benefit from an informed laity who deepens knowledgeof felt and c n feel again. It can act as a remi d r of our calling, and as an the essential teachings of faith. This book canremind us of thechallenges exami ation of wh t we have achieved and what still lies unfulfille . we felt and can feelagain. It can act as areminder of our calling, andas an examination of what we have achieved and what still lies unfulfilled.