Last Days Handbook
252 Pages

Last Days Handbook


252 Pages


Our entering the new millennium has heightened interest in what the Bible says about the end times, but where can you go to sort out the different ways Christians understand Bible prophecy? The Last Days Handbook is your one-stop guide to understanding the main views evangelical Christians hold about the end times - and how their different methods of biblical interpretation affect their view of prophecies yet to be fulfilled. You will be accurately informed as you decide which views are most convincing, and you will be prepared to study Bible prophecy more effectively. Most importantly, you will better understand Christians who hold different prophetic views. Now updated and expanded, this classic overview of the different views of end-times Bible prophecy features:
- answers to 50 Frequently Asked Questions about end-times Bible prophecy
- surveys and comparisons of the major evangelical views concerning the rapture and the millennium
- illustrated charts and tables, making the information more accessible than ever
- a glossary to introduce you to specialized terms
- easy-to-use subject and Scripture indexes to find key information quickly



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Published 08 February 2005
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Last Days Handbook Revised and Updated By Lightner, Robert P. Copyright©1997 by Lightner, Robert P. ISBN: 1-59752-089-6 Publication date 2/8/2005 Previously published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997
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