Latina/o y Musulmán

Latina/o y Musulmán


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Latinas/os are the fastest growing "minoritized" ethnic group in the United States and Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the United States. It is therefore no surprise that the Latina/o Muslim population is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. As a minority within a minority, the ways in which U.S. Latina/o Muslims construct their identity is not only interesting in itself but also of interest for how they challenge traditional understandings of U.S. Latina/o identities. This book explores the process of conversion of U.S. Latina/o Muslims and how it becomes the foundation for the re-construction of their U.S. Latina/o identities. Furthermore, since Latina/o religious experience in the United States up until now has largely assumed Christianity as the de facto religion, Latina/o y Musulman brings a whole new angle to studies in this area. Martinez-Vazquez lays the broader analytical foundation for how the religious experiences of non-Christian U.S. Latinas/os shape the process of identity construction.



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Published 01 January 2010
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LaINa/O Y MUSUlmàN he Construction of Latina/o Identity among Latina/o Muslims in te United States
H A. MV
LATinA/o y MusuLMán he CONSrUcION Of LaINa/O ideNIY amONg LaINa/O MUSlImS IN e uNIed saeS
COpYrIg © 2010 HjamIl A. MaríNezVàzqUez. All rIgS reServed. Excep fOr brIef qUOaIONS IN crIIcal pUblIcaIONS Or revIewS, NO par Of IS bOOk maY be reprOdUced IN aNY maNNer wIOU prIOr wrIeN permISSION frOm e pUblISer. WrIe: PermISSIONS, WIpf aNd sOck PUblISerS, 199 W. 8 Ave., sUIe 3, EUgeNe, oR 97401.
PIckwIck PUblIcaIONS AN imprIN Of WIpf aNd sOck PUblISerS 199 W. 8 Ave., sUIe 3 EUgeNe, oR 97401
POrIONS Of IS bOOk ave beeN pUblISed, IN dIffereN fOrma, IN HjamIl A. MaríNez VàzqUez, “FINdINg ENlIgeNmeN: u.s. LaINa/O’S JOUrNeY O iSlam,”Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies, NO.  (WINer ), – [reprINed bY permISSION]; aNd HjamIl A. MaríNezVàzqUez, “CONverSION aNd e RecONSrUcION Of ideNIY: he CaSe Of u.s. LaINa/O MUSlImS,”Apuntes(Fall )[reprINed bY permISSION].
 13: 9781608990900
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MaríNezVàzqUez, HjamIl A.
LaINa/O Y MUSUlmàN : e cONSrUcION Of LaINa/O IdeNIY amONg LaINa/O MUSlImS IN e uNIed saeS / HjamIl A. MaríNezVàzqUez.
x + 150 p. ; 23 cm. — iNclUdeS bIblIOgrapIcal refereNceS aNd INdex.
ISbN 13: 9781608990900
1. LaIN AmerIcaNS—RelIgION. 2. HISpaNIc AmerIcaNS—RelIgION. 3. MUSlImS— uNIed saeS. i. TIle.
563.57 35 2010
MaNUfacUred IN e u.s.A.
Para mi madre, Edda Vázquez Mi primer y mejor ejemplo
IntroductionUnderstanding te Matter/ 
TellINg e sOrY Of u.s. LaINa/O MUSlIm ExperIeNce / 
FINdINg ENlIgeNmeN: JOUrNeY O iSlam / 
DIScOverINg: ReverSION aNd MemOrY / 
RecONSrUcINg: new u.s. LaINa/O ideNIIeS / 
AterwOrd—LaINIdadeS / 
Bibliograpy/ 
Index/ 
    reSpONSIble fOr e pUblIcaION M Of IS wOrk, wIc aS akeN maNY YearS O cOme O frUIION. FIrS, i ave O ackNOwledge e INdIvIdUalS frOm e u.s. LaINa/O MUSlIm cOmmUNIY wO acceped e INvIaION O parIcIpae IN IS prOjec. WIOU em, IS prOjec wOUld SIll be aN Idea. ESpecIallY, i Owe aNkS O e parIcUlar peOple wO pU e dIffereN grOUpS Ogeer IN e fOUr dIffereN cIIeS aNd O JUaN GalvàN, execUIve dIrecOr Of LADo, wOSe SUppOr allOwed me O fiNd SOme credIbIlIY wIIN e cOmmUNIY. A e Same Ime, wIOU e elp Of aN RCAF graN frOm TexaS CrISIaN uNIverSIY aNd a JUNIOr scOlar GraN bY e sOUweS COmmISSION ON RelIgIOUS sUdIeS, i wOUld ave Never beeN able O cONdUc e reSearc O cOmplee IS prOjec. saddYNa BelmaSkaN wOrked ON e raNScrIpION Of e INervIewS aNd aS a u.s. LaINa MUSlIm erSelf brOUg SOme SUggeSIONS aNd crI IqUeS O e INIIal par Of e prOjec. samaNa BeNNe alSO elped wI e raNScrIpION aNd pU Ogeer maNY Of e bIblIOgrapIcal maerIal. hIS maNUScrIp aS gONe rOUg mUlIple revISIONS aNd i am aNkfUl O e meNOrS, frIeNdS aNd cOlleagUeS wO revIewed e prevIOUS ver SIONS aNd wI keeN eYe prOvIded OUgfUl aNd crIIcal SUggeSIONS IN Order O ImprOve e fiNal prOdUc. MaNUel VàSqUez, AlberO PUlIdO, aNd DarreN MIddleON pUSed me O fUrer mY argUmeN. iN e Same waY, u.s. LaINO MUSlImS JUaN GalvàN aNd JUSIN MaUrO BeNavIdez ater read INg mY wOrk calleNged me O See beYONd e academIc lINgO INO e real experIeNceS Of e peOple. i Ope IS fiNal prOdUc reflecS mY SINcere INeNION O pU e experIeNce Of e peOple a e frON Of IS wOrk. BU i wOUld ave Never beeN able O pU all e IdeaS Ogeer wIOU e wOrk Of ulrIke GUrIe, e beS edIOr IN e wOrld. FINallY, i waN O aNk SOme peOple wOSe SUppOr aNd INSpIraION ave made IS bOOk pOSSIble. i am INdebed O DavId DaNIelS, ArleNe sàNcezWalS, seaN McMIllaN, aNd ElISeO Pérez fOr eIr cONSaN
acompañamientoaNd e SpaceS Of rUS eY prOvIde. iN addIION, i am aNkfUl O mY brOerS aNd SISer aNd eIr famIlIeS: omar MaríNez VàzqUez, EdgardO MaríNezVàzqUez, iSabel MaríNezTOrreS, KalIza Baerga, MONIca RIvera, omar igNacIO, GUSavO ANdréS, aNd Alma ZOé. TO mY faer, EdgardO MaríNeznazarIO, aNd mY mOer, Edda VàzqUez BeIía, i Owe e edUcaION aNd cONfideNce a allOwed me O ge O IS pOIN. FINallY, mOS ImpOraN, i am graefUl fOr e UNcONdIIONal lOve aNd preSeNce Of mY wIfe VaNeSSa GONzàlezLópez aNd OUr SON ESéfaNO MaríNezGóNzalez.