Lectionary Poems, Year A
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Lectionary Poems, Year A


128 Pages


This is a book of insightful, often humorous, and always grace-filled poems for each Sunday of the church year and occasional other days. Based on one or more texts for Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary--Original Testament, Gospel, Letters, and Psalms--each poem reveals surprises about God much like the proclamations made by the biblical writers. For preachers, the poems here will be a joyful springboard to the sermon, each one a mini-sermon in itself; and for people in the pews, a brand-new way of thinking about the Bible. The index of 124 biblical references will make the book usable at any time. With titles like "The Once and Future Comeuppance of the Butters," "What's Really Original Here," "Three Drinking Limericks," and "They Thought It Was the Feds," these poems will help the reader discover the God known and shown by Jesus and the earliest faith communities as amazing, abundant, boundary-pushing, and bold.



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Lectionary Poems, Year A
Lectionary Poems, Year A
Surprising Gracefor Pulpit and Pew
Poems for each Sunday and other special days of the church year based on texts from the Revised Common Lectionary, Year A
ECïONARY POEMS, YEAR A Sûŝg Gàçé ô Pû à Péw
Côyg © 2019 Sçô . Bàô. A gŝ éŝéé. Eçé ô é qûôàôŝ  ççà ûçàôŝ ô ééwŝ, ô à ô ŝ ôô mày é éôûçé  ày màé wôû ô wé émŝŝô ôm é ûŝé. Wé: Pémŝŝôŝ, W à Sôç Pûŝéŝ, 199 W. 8 Aé., Sûé 3, Eûgéé, OR 97401.
Réŝôûçé Pûçàôŝ A ïm ô W à Sôç Pûŝéŝ 199 W. 8 Aé., Sûé 3 Eûgéé, OR 97401
paperback Isbn: 978-1-7252-5306-3 Hardcover Isbn: 978-1-7252-5307-0 ebook Isbn: 978-1-7252-5308-7
Màûàçûé  é U.S.A. 04/18/19
Déçàé ô Ezàé . Sàày, wô, é é môûàé wôw, é àTé mé û ŝé, à yôû, iày gô ŝ ôô;
à ô Pàû “Pày” éé, wô, àôg w Dàéé, ŝ à mà ô é àûéŝŝ ô Gô;
à ô Gàyé, wôŝé éçôûàgémé ô ŝûç mŝéà ûŝûŝ àŝ ŝ ŝ éàéy.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13
he Firs Sunday of Adven (A)—IsaiaH 2:1–5; MaHew 24:36–44
he Second Sunday of Adven (A)—IsaiaH 11:1–10; MaHew 3:1–12
he hird Sunday of Adven (A)—IsaiaH 35:1–10; MaHew 11:2–11
he FourH Sunday of Adven (A)—IsaiaH 7:10–16; MaHew 1:18–25
CHrismas Eve/He Naiviy of Jesus CHris—Luke 2:1–20
he Firs Sunday ater CHrismas Day (A)—IsaiaH 63:7–9; MaHew 2:13–23
he EpipHany of He Lord—IsaiaH 60:1–6 and MaHew 2:1–12; also MicaH 5:2–5a
he Bapism of He Lord (A)—IsaiaH 42:1–9 and MaHew 3:13–17
he Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/Second ater He EpipHany (A)— IsaiaH 49:1–7; JoHn 1:29–42
he hird Sunday in Ordinary Time/hird ater He EpipHany (A)— IsaiaH 9:1–4; MaHew 4:12–23
he FourH Sunday in Ordinary ime/FourH ater He EpipHany (A)— MicaH 6:1–8; MaHew 5:1–12 and 1 CorinHians 1:18–31
he FitH Sunday in Ordinary Time/FitH ater He EpipHany (A)— IsaiaH 58:1–9a (9b–12); MaHew 5:13–20;
he SixH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SixH ater He EpipHany (A)— Deueronomy 30:15–20; MaHew 5:21–37
xi 1 3 5 7 9
15 16
he SevenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SevenH ater He EpipHany (A)— Leviicus 19:1–2, 9–18; MaHew 5:38–48 (see also Leviicus 24:20) 28
Transfiguraion Sunday—MaHew 17:1–9 (10–21). A Hymn for worsHip
AsH Wednesday (A)—IsaiaH 58:1–12
he Firs Sunday in Len (A)—Genesis 2:15–17, 3:1–7; MaHew 4:1–11
he Second Sunday in Len (A)—Psalm 121; JoHn 3:1–17 (see also JoHn 7:45–53 and 19:38–42); JoHn 3:1–17 (see also Numbers 21:9)
he hird Sunday in Len (A)—Exodus 17:1–7 and JoHn 4:5–42; Romans 5:1–11
he FourH Sunday in Len (A)—1 Samuel 16:1–13; JoHn 9:1–41
he FitH Sunday in Len (A)—Ezekiel 37:1–14 and JoHn 11:1–45
Palm Sunday, Liurgy of He Palms (A)—Psalm 118:1–2, 19–29; MaHew 21:1–11
Resurrecion of He Lord (A)—MaHew 28:1–10
he Second Sunday of Easer (A)—JoHn 20:19–31; 1 Peer 1:3–9
he hird Sunday of Easer (A)—Acs 2:14a, 36–41; Luke 24:13–35
he FourH Sunday of Easer (A)—Acs 2:42–47; 1 Peer 2:19–25
he FitH Sunday of Easer (A)—Acs 7:55–60; JoHn 14:1–14
he SixH Sunday of Easer (A)—Acs 17:22–31; JoHn 14:15–21
he Ascension of He Lord/he SevenH Sunday of Easer (A)— Acs 1:6–14; Luke 24:44–53
he Day of Penecos (A)—Acs 2:1–21
Triniy Sunday (A)—Genesis 1:1–2:4a; MaHew 28:16–20
he ElevenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/Second ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 18:1–15, 21:1–7
he TweltH Sunday in Ordinary Time/hird ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 21:8–21 and MaHew 10:24–39; Romans 6:1b–11
he hireenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/FourH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 22:1–14; MaHew 10:40–42
he FoureenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/FitH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 24:34–38, 42–49, 58–67; MaHew 11:16–19, 25–30
30 31 32
38 40 42
43 45 46 48 50 52 54
56 58 60
he FiteenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SixH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 25:19–34; MaHew 13:1–9, 18–23; Romans 8:1–11
he SixeenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SevenH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 28:10–19a; Romans 8:12–25
he SeveneenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/EigHH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 29:15–28; Romans 8:26–39
he EigHeenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/NinH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 32:22–31 and MaHew 14:13–21; Romans 9:1–5
he NineeenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/TenH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 37:1–28 [5–11 officially no included]; MaHew 14:22–33
he TwenieH Sunday in Ordinary Time/ElevenH ater Penecos (A)— Genesis 45:1–15; MaHew 15:(10–20) 21–28
he Tweny-Firs Sunday in Ordinary Time/TweltH ater Penecos (A)— Exodus 1:8–2:10; MaHew 16:13–20
he Tweny-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/hireenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 3:1–15; MaHew 16:21–28
he Tweny-hird Sunday in Ordinary Time/FoureenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 12:1–14; MaHew 18:15–20
he Tweny-FourH Sunday in Ordinary Time/FiteenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 14:19–31; MaHew 18:21–35
he Tweny-FitH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SixeenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 16:2–15 and MaHew 20:1–16
he Tweny-SixH Sunday in Ordinary Time/SeveneenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 17:1–7; MaHew 21:23–32
he Tweny-SevenH Sunday in Ordinary Time/EigHeenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20; MaHew 21:33–46
he Tweny-EigHH Sunday in Ordinary Time/NineeenH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 32:1–14 (15–20); MaHew 22:1–14
he Tweny-NinH Sunday in Ordinary Time/TwenieH ater Penecos (A)—Exodus 33:12–23; MaHew 22:15–22
he hirieH Sunday in Ordinary Time/Tweny-Firs ater Penecos (A)—MaHew 22:34–46; 1 hessalonians 2:1–8
he hiry-Firs Sunday in Ordinary Time/Tweny-Second ater Penecos (A)—JosHua 3:7–17; MaHew 23:1–12
he hiry-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/Tweny-hird ater Penecos (A)—JosHua 24:1–3a, 14–25; MaHew 25:1–13
he hiry-hird Sunday in Ordinary Time/Tweny-FourH ater Penecos (A)—Judges 4:1–7 (8–24); MaHew 25:14–30
CHris He King (Reign of CHris) Sunday (A)— Ezekiel 34:11–16, 20–24; MaHew 25:31–46
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