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Constant discussions and an increasing awareness of the importance of finding your place and discovering your purpose have been ongoing since time immemorial. Many are plagued by the fear of the unknown and awake daily to unresolved questions about life and its mysteries. 

In this book, Isi Igenegba, using practical examples and painfully honest stories, details the personal struggles and lessons learned as a growing child, Christian and minister of the Gospel. While dealing with living purposefully, acknowledging and effectively utilizing seasons, and recognizing and harnessing resources provided to aid you on your journey, LIVE also seeks to overhaul religious 'Christian' truths and helps to reset the foundation on which the faith of many has been constructed. 

Covering 12 important facets, each unfolding and delving into something deeper, it offers a rich diet which is sure to rouse you fully and strip away carefully designed masks with which you are burdened; while reminding you over and over again that only one opinion counts: that of the Master.



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Published 04 October 2018
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