Living for Love
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Living for Love



Brother Roger’s life, in communion with his brothers, was given over tirelessly to welcoming young people at Taizé, to stimulating Christians to reconciliation, and to travelling across the world to share the life of the very poor. It was a life given for love. This choice of texts and prayers from his writings opens a door onto the vital intuitions that inspired the founder of the Taizé Community.



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Living for Love Selected Texts Brother Roger of Taizé
1915–2005 “ The peace of our heart makes life beautiful for those around us. ”
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HERE ARE SOME PAGESthat reveal the life and thought of Brother Roger. They present some texts by him, excerpts from his numerous writings collected under the titles of his principal books. The legacy he left is alive. He had a conviction: God is united to every human being, even to those who are unaware of it. In this confidence in God’s presence, he found a peace he sought to communicate to others. Trust in God gave him the courage often to anticipate the movement of history. He opened ways forward where others could not see any. And he did so both to foster reconciliation among Christians as well as to contribute to peace in the human family. He was aware of the great upheavals that would profoundly change our societies. He saw very early that modernity would make it difficult to trust in God ; he understood those who were beset by doubts. But he was not afraid of new developments. On the contrary, scientific discoveries passionately interested him and awakened in him the hope of improving the living conditions of the most destitute. His attention to young people often led him to repeat: “ I would go to the end of the earth if I could, to express over and over again my confidence in the younger generations. ” His death remains a mystery. All his life he felt painfully the suffering of the innocent. And then, by a violent and senseless death, he himself joined those innocent. Like John the Baptist, Brother Roger did not want to be at the centre himself ; he wanted to point to Christ, to help people discover the presence of God. By his life and his death, he told us clearly that God’s love was boundless and that everyone’s calling was to live for love.
LivingToday for God
WILL YOU WELCOMEeach new day as God’s today ? In every season, will you find ways of discovering life’s poetry, on days full of light as well as in winter’s frozen nights ? Will you discover how to bring joy to your humble dwelling by small signs that cheer the heart ?
GATHER EVERYTHINGhappens, trivialities included, without reservation, regret or that nostalgia, in inexhaustible wonder. Set out, going forward one step at a time, from doubt towards faith, not worrying about the impossible ahead. Light fire, even with the thorns that tear you.
FROM THE TIMEof the apostles, the Virgin Mary and the first believers, there has been a call to live in great simplicity and to share. One...