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Without a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life, it is difficult to be effective in ministry over the long haul. That is why it is so important that those stresses in life which lead to burnout and the abandonment of one's calling to the service of God and one's neighbor be addressed decisively and at a very early stage. In her very timely book, Dr. Helen Doohan offers a problem-solution approach to personal fulfillment and effectiveness in ministry, solidly basing her suggestions on scripture, theology, and the lived experiences of professional ministers. In this unique contribution to other studies in this area, Dr. Doohan emphasizes the components of a contemporary spirituality, the example of Jesus, and the leadership style of Paul to convey her hope-filled message to the minister of our day and age. This approach gives a solid foundation for an integrated approach to life and gives promise to an increased effectiveness in ministry.



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Published 27 June 2017
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Mînîstry Today
Efectîveness, Fulillment, and Challenges
Mînîstry Today
Efectîveness, Fulillment, and Challenges
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