Mother Roots
236 Pages

Mother Roots


236 Pages


Biblical Storytelling At Its Best!
Helen Bruch Pearson examines the biblical witness of:
Mary, the mother of Jesus
Join Pearson as she fills in the gaps and helps history become her-story.



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Published 16 October 2015
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Mother Roots The Female Ancestors of Jesus By Pearson, Helen Bruch Copyright©2002 by Pearson, Helen Bruch ISBN 13: 978-1-4982-3288-3 Publication date 9/28/2015 Previously published by Upper Room Books, 2002
Paige JoAnn Pearson
children, Paige Pearson and Kyle Pearson, have been generous beyond measure with their love and support. I always receive the faithful affirmation and abiding confidence of my “big sister,” Jessie Bruch Weldon, with gratitude. Carol Newsom’s critical reading of tl1e manuscript was an invaluable gift to me. Her discerning and erudite comments inspired me to re-think and amend pieces of the text in ways that bring clearer focus to the female ancestors of Jesus and the times in which they lived. I am filled with an overwhelming joy for friends who have kept me close during good times and bad. Among them are Linda Miner, Elaine Eberhart, Sister Patty Caraher, Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones, Bob Harris, Juana and Myron McGhee, Kay Keels, Tamar Orvell, Essie Scott, JoAnn Stone, and Barbara Thompson. These and more are cocreators with me. I ask tl1at you remember them when you turn the pages and read the her-stories that lie ahead.