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My Brother's Keeper is a collection of essays penned by people interested in educating primarily European church leaders, theological educators, and missionaries as well as other Christian leaders from around the world. All of the authors are related to the ministries of Tyndale Theological Seminary, the Netherlands. This book is in honor of missionary Hebrew scholar and colleague, Ellis R. Brotzman upon his retirement. Included is material from the fields of biblical studies, theological studies, and pastoral ministries and missions. The articles represent a sampling of the type of teaching provided at Tyndale since its beginnings in 1985 as well as a taste of the ongoing research of some of its members. Most of the authors have many decades of experience primarily as missionary professors throughout Europe. Others include those with pastoral ministry experience in Europe and North America. Theological educators, local church leaders, and cross-cultural workers will find this a worthwhile addition to their personal and school libraries.



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Published 01 January 2010
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MY BROER’S KEEPER Essays in Honor of Ellis R. Brozman
Edied by T J. M and . . D W III
My BroTer’s Keeper eSSaYS in OnOR Of elliS r. BROzman
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    iS dEdicaEd O OuR muc ESEEmEd and T bElOvEd cOllEaguE, DR. elliS r. BROzman. elliS and iS wifE, ru, avE bEEn SERving E LORd On E euROPEan cOninEn fOR mORE an iRY YEaRS. hE laS wO dEcadES avE bEEn SPEn a TYndalE hEOlOgical sEminaRY wERE elliS iS sEniOR pROfESSOR Of old TESamEn LanguagE and LiERauRE, and CaiR Of E DiviSiOn Of Biblical and exEgEical sudiES. hROug E YEaRS, elliS aS bEEn gREalY aPPREciaEd aS a PROfESSOR wOSE lOvE fOR and cOmmimEn O GOd, iS WORd, iS SudEnS, and Eacing aRE ObviOuS. E aS bEEn a REmEndOuS ExamPlE Of OnE wO iS a ScOlaR wi a PaSOR’S EaR. All wO avE wOREd alOngSidE elliS, OR SudiEd undER im, nOw im O bE a faiful, ind, cOmPaSSiOnaE, umblESPiRiEd, gOdlY man. I iS, En, wi gREa dElig and RESPEc a wE dEdicaE iS bOO O OuR fRiEnd and bROER in CRiS, elliS BROzman, wOSE lifE and wOR avE bROug OnOR and glORY O iS LORd. AS E nEaRS cOmPlEiOn Of iS SERvicE a TYndalE, wE PRaY GOd’S RicES blESSingS uPOn im. WE’ll miSS YOu, elliS.Salom.
JEffREY J. sEumE, DMin pRESidEn, TYndalE hEOlOgical sEminaRY hE NEERlandS
Inroducion /ix
 : Biblical Studies   EzEia’S rEign: old TESamEn NaRRaivE in hREE DimEnSiOnS Ellis R. Brozman/ 
In TunE wi “TRu”: hE MEaning Oftme)vin E old TESamEn pSalER W. Creigon Marlowe/ 
hE emmauS NaRRaivE: LuE : Waler L. Liefeld/ 
eaRlY CRiSian ViEwS Of E LORd’S pRaYER Marin Webber /
FuRER encOuRagEmEn O pRaY: examining JamES :b in rElaiOn O COnEx H. H. Drake Williams III /
 : heological Studies   MaRa NuSSbaum and “CRiSian” scOlaRSiP On E sOicS Pilip A. Goscalk /
ARminiuS and GOmaRuS in LEidEn: hE pREdESinaiOn and FREEWill COnROvERSY in E NEERlandS Linda Goscalk-Suckra /
hE LORd’S suPPER in BREREn ecclESiOlOgY: hE MaR Of IdEniY, UniY, and fOR sOmE, puRiY homas J. Marinello/ 
KingdOm Of GOd and pOSmOdERn hOug: FRiEndS OR FOES? Ronald T. Micener /
WY DOES E rESuRREciOn pERPlEx iSORianS? David P. Parris/ 
CRiS’S suffERing, DEa, and rESuRREciOn: A hREEfOld MOif Ralp W. Vunderink/ 
 : Pastoral and Intercultural Studies  encOuRaging, AffiRming, and MOivaing a saff Gerald C. Ericson/ 
rESing In a FaSFOOd WORld Sepen B. Kelloug /
excEllEn BEliEf, COngRuEn pRacicE: JuxaPOSiiOnS Of pROmiSE and pERil in E educaiOnal MiSSiOn Of E CuRc Mark A. Lampor /
evangEliSm AtER E NailS avE BEEn pu in E COffin: CRiiQuing pOSmOREm evangEliSm Cecil W. Salnaker /
Lis of Conribuors /
 T   SixEEn cEnuRY engliS rEfORmER, an W OuSanding ScOlaR Of E ORiginal languagES. FOR im aS wEll aS OER rEfORmERS, E EniRE BiblE waS E fiRS and OnlY auORiY fOR fai and PRacicE. FOR iS REaSOn, William TYndalE labOREd O RanSlaE E scRiPuRES inO engliS SO a EvERY willing man, wOman, and cild cOuld REad i. E waS dEERminEd O maE E scRiPuRES accESSiblE. on OnE Occa SiOn in E EaRlY SixEEn cEnuRY, TYndalE fOund imSElf RESPOnding O a lEaRnEd clERgYman wO claimEd,“WE ad bEER bE wiOu GOd’S lawS an E pOPE’S.” TO iS TYndalE famOuSlY REPliEd, “I dEfY E pOPE and all iS lawS. If GOd SPaRE mY lifE ERE manY YEaRS, I will cauSE a bOY a dRivE E PlOug O nOw mORE Of E scRiPuRE an Ou dOS.” hiS dEERminaiOn fOR maing E scRiPuRES accESSiblE cOninuES a a ScOOl a bEaRS iS rEfORmER’S namE, TYndalE hEOlOgical sEminaRY in BadOEvEdORP,hE NEERlandS.TYndalE sEminaRY waS E OugROw Of E viSiOn Of DR. rObER evanS, wO REcRuiEd iS lOngimE fRiEnd and aSSOciaE DR. ARuR JOnSOn O SERvE aS iS fOunding and lOngSERving PRESidEn. sincE iS bEginningS in , TYndalE hEOlOgical sEminaRY aS bEEn EQuiPPing inERnaiOnal CRiSian lEadERS SO a E scRiPuRES can bE bEER undERSOOd ROugOu E wORld. TYndalE aS gRaduaEd mORE an  SudEnS wO SERvE E LORd in mORE an  diffEREn cOunRiES. GRaduaES includE fOundERS Of SEminaRiES and BiblE ScOOlS, aS wEll aS claSSROOm inSRucORS, EadS Of CRiSian dEnOminaiOnS, RanSlaORS, PaSOREacERS, EvangEliSS, and cROSSculuRal wORERS. onE Of E main cOnRibuORS On E faculY OvER ESE YEaRS aS bEEn DR. elliS BROzman. DR. BROzman waS EducaEd a WEaOn COllEgE (Bs, CEmiSRY), UnivERSiY Of CicagO (Ms, CEmiSRY), DallaS hEOlOgical sEminaRY (hM, old TESamEn), and NEw yOR UnivERSiY (pD, EbREw and sEmiic LanguagES). E and iS wifE, ru LacEY BROzman, avE bEEn a TYndalE hEOlOgical sEminaRY SincE . E PRimaRilY aS
SERvEd aS sEniOR pROfESSOR Of old TESamEn LanguagE and LiERauRE, aS wEll aS E caiRman Of E DiviSiOn Of Biblical and exEgEical sudiES. E alSO SERvEd aS E caPlain a TYndalE fOR manY YEaRS. pREviOuSlY, E waS a miSSiOnaRY PROfESSOR a E sPaniS BiblE InSiuE wERE E alSO SERvEd aS E DEan Of sudEnS and E AcadEmic DEan. BESidES E wOR a ESE wO SEminaRiES, E aS bEEn a viSiing faculY mEmbER a Biblical hEOlOgical sEminaRY, afiEld, pA, UsA; JERuSalEm UnivERSiY COllEgE, JERuSalEm, ISRaEl; and E InSiuE Of OlY Land sudiES, JERuSalEm, ISRaEl. CuRREnlY, E ElPS wi OnlinE claSSES aSSOciaEd wi LibERY UnivERSiY baSEd in LYncbuRg, VA, UsA. In addiiOn O iS ROlES aS PROfESSOR and acadEmic mEnOR, E iS alSO an auOR. iS  bOO,Old Tesamen Texual Criicism: A Pracical Inroducion(BaER BOO OuSE), iS nOw in iS nin PRining. E alSO aS wRiEn a numbER Of ScOlaRlY aRiclES and REviEwS. FREQuEnlY, E aS PRESEnEd PaPERS a acadEmic cOnfEREncES Suc aS OSE SPOnSOREd bY E evangElical hEOlOgical sOciEY. DR. BROzman alSO aS PROvidEd a mOdEl O EmulaE OuSidE Of E claSSROOm and acadEmic EnviROnmEn. E aS bEEn a miSSiOnaRY wi GREaER euROPE MiSSiOn SincE iS aPPOinmEn in . ovER E YEaRS, E SERvEd aS an inERim PaSOR, EldER, and cOunSElOR. E REgulaRlY cOnRibuEd O sundaY scOOl claSSES a TRiniY InERnaiOnal CuRc in LEidScEndam, hE NEERlandS, and alSO dROvE a van wic RanS POREd TYndalE SudEnS O SERvicES Eac sundaY mORning. scOOl wOR daYS fOund im wi Saw in and, Rimming E REES wic SadE E gROundS. sudEnS, faculY, and Saff admiRE iS umiliY, SincERiY, and lOvE fOR E LORd and iS WORd. iS iS an ExamPlE wORY Of EmulaiOn. I iS in OnOR Of iS old TESamEn PROfESSOR’S REiREmEn a iS vOlumE iS namEdMy Broer’s Keeper. hiS waS a PRaSE cOinEd bY William TYndalE in iS RanSlaiOn Of E old TESamEn wic EvEn uallY waS fOund in E King JamES VERSiOn. ManY will REcOgnizE E PRaSE aS PaR Of E GEnESiS  naRRaivE wi Cain and AbEl. In GEnESiS :, E LORd aSS Cain atER AbEl’S dEa, “WERE iS AbEl YOuR bROER?” Cain anSwERS,“I dO nO nOw; am I mY bROER’S EEPER?” BY SaYing iS, Cain waS abdicaing RESPOnSibiliY fOR iS bROER. InSEad Of abdicaing RESPOnSibiliY fOR iS bROER, OwEvER, DR. BROzman aS dOnE QuiE E OPPOSiE. E SROvE O bE iS bROER’S EEPER duRing iS caREER aS a miSSiOnaRY PROfESSOR. E aS aimEd O SERvE OSE wO aRE ungERing O nOw E scRiPuRES bEER, aS avE OERS