Nazis, Holocaust, and Self-Love
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Nazis, Holocaust, and Self-Love



This is a spiritual, historical, fictional story about a young Polish man falsely accused by the Nazis. It incorporates historical facts, letters to his mother, and poems reflecting his turmoil during his false arrest and imprisonment at Auschwitz concentration camp.
History has a way of repeating itself when the past is ignored or forgotten. This book's intention is to convey that hate and bigotry is caused by an unhealthy self-love leading to malevolent consequences. With the rise of bigotry in our country, I believe we as human beings must take a closer look at what is happening around us. It's time to awaken out of our slumber before our rights and freedoms are nonexistent.
Socialism is on the rise by governmental officials pushing its agenda. Socialism results in silencing the voice of "we the people" and only the government will have a voice. Capitalism (a political system where trade and industry is controlled for profit by private owners, not the government) will be destroyed, the government will control everything, and the American Dream will become fictional.
Christians and patriots, if you thought the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were challenging, it was only a taste of the nightmare of freedoms and liberty lost under socialism/communism.



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Published 22 May 2020
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