Once and for All
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Once and for All


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To articulate a credible doctrine of the atonement in today's cultural situation is fraught with difficulties. How can we do justice to the central New Testament claim that the work of Christ at one point in history is decisive for God's relationship to the whole of humanity at every other point in history?
Tom Smail takes the connection between the atonement and the Trinity as the underpinning of 'Once and for All'. If we recognize that the work of the cross has to be seen to involve all three persons, and their relationships to one another, we have a structure that enables us to deal with the problems the doctrine of the atonement raises. This presentation of Christ's atoning work in his cross and resurrection both does justice to its decisive character as a once and for all historical event, and at the same time explores the sense in which a long past historical act can be universally relevant to and effective for everyone.
Tom Smail makes contemporary theological thinking on this subject accessible, and also, in investigating the spiritual and pastoral dimensions of the gospel of the cross, gives expression to his personal struggle with it throughout fifty years of ministry. It is his own confession of the cross, guided by the Scriptures and the many diverse strands of the Christian tradition that are precious to him.
'Once and for All' will help us all to understand better, and to enter into, the unique and enduring mystery at the heart of our faith.



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