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Paul's Conundrum



Paul is a polarizing figure in biblical history. He was stubborn. He was opinionated. He was an obstinate man. Many women distrust him because some of the language in today's world appears to be misogynistic and advocating for the suppression of women. Others accuse him of being in favor of slavery. However, it is to his own Jewish people that Paul creates the most antipathy and the most divisiveness.
Was Paul an anti-Semite? Was Paul a self-hating Jew? Was Paul misunderstood and wrongly accused? This is the debate that has been raging for almost two millennia. Paul's Conundrum seeks to answer these questions through an analysis of his two most controversial passages--1 Thessalonians 2:13-16 and Romans 9:1-5. Amy Downey has sought to reconcile these passages through a conservative, evangelical approach that not only considers the Jewish man Paul, but also Paul the Apostle of Messiah Jesus.
Downey considers the historical setting of the two passages, analyzes the exegesis of the passages in question, and seeks to respond to three separate but unique theological controversies that arise out of these letters. Hopefully by the end of this book, the reader will be left with only one question: "Just how far was Paul willing to go to realize the salvation of the Jewish people?"



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Published 01 January 2011
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Reconciling 1 hessalonians 2:13–16 and Romans 9:1–5 in Lig of His Calling and His Heriage
A K D
PAul’s ConunDrum recONciLiNg  heSSaLONiaNS : aNd rOMaNS : iN lig Of HiS CaLLiNg aNd HiS HeRiage
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hiRd EdiiON reviSed—oRigiNaLLy pUbLiSed aSPaul’s Relaionsip o e Jewis People: An Analysis of 1 hessalonians 2:13–16 and Romans 9:15iN wO ediiONS by EMaNUeL uNiveRSiy CeNRe oRadea, rOMaNia.
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To the three men who have made an lasting impact on my life, My father, Jack Henry Downey, who taught me to love God, James Leo Garrett Jr., who taught me to love theology, and Calvin Miller, who taught me that God loves it when we seek to instill theology with imagination and creativity.
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   INROdUciON O CapeRS  aNd  •  heSSaLONica  rOMe
   INROdUciON O CapeRS  aNd  •   EXegeicaL uNdeRSaNdiNg Of  heSSaLONiaNS :   EXegeicaL uNdeRSaNdiNg Of rOMaNS :
   INROdUciON O CapeRS  ROUg  •   QUeSiONS regaRdiNg INeRpOLaiON aNd ANiseMiiSM  heSSaLONiaNS :   raiONaLe aNd ERROR Of DUaL COveNaNaLiSM rOMaNS :   ARgUMeN Of repLaceMeN heOLOgy rOMaNS :
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  ,  , aNd MiSSiONaRy W paSSiON AMy DOwNey aS pRObed eSe wO PaULiNe eXS, wic SOMe ave ReckONed aS cONRadicORy fRUSRaiON aS O ceRaiN jUdgMeN vS. cOMpaSSiON fOR SaLvaiON, aNd Se dOeS SO iN ORdeR O Make appLica iON O e weNyfiRS ceNURy. FiRS, Se eXaMiNeS e eNic cOMpOSiiON Of e CRiSiaN cURceS iN heSSaLONica aNd iN rOMe. IN e fORMeR, JewiS CRiSiaNS weRe SeeMiNgLy a MiNORiy. IN e LaeR, JewiS beLiev eRS weRe e gRea MajORiy UNiL EMpeROR CLaUdiUS’S eXpULSiON Of JewS aNd JewiS CRiSiaNS iN AD . he iMpOR Of iS diffeReNce DOwNey LeaveS O iNfeReNce. secONd, e aUOR OffeRS aN eXegeicaL SUdy Of e wO eXS. AccORdiNg O  heSS :, e heSSaLONiaN CRiSiaNS SUffeRed fROM eiR cOUNRyMeN iN a MaNNeR aNaLOgOUS O e SUffeRiNg by e cURceS iN JUdea. INdeed, e JewS aRe e ONeS wO kiLLed “e lORd JeSUS” aNd e oLd TeSaMeN pROpeS, SUc aciONS beiNg diSpLeaSiNg O GOd aNd OSiLe O UMaNiy. he diviNe wRa cOMiNg ON SUc UNbeLieviNg JewS, accORdiNg O DOwNey, iS O be eScaOLOgicaL, OUg eRe iS Ope fOR SaL vaiON rOM :. IN rOM : PaUL, USiNg aN Oa fORMULa O Speak e RU, eXpReSSeS “gRea SORROw” aNd “cONSaN diSReSS” fOR iS UNbeLiev iNg JewiS bROeRS aNd wiSeS O “weLcOMe peRdiiON” if i cOULd bRiNg eiR SaLvaiON. INdeed, e peOpLe Of ISRaeL ave ad SiX diSiNc pRiviLegeS pLUS e LiNeage Of e fULLy UMaN meSSia, wO—iN wa iS akeN O be a pROcLaMaiON, NO a dOXOLOgy—iS RULy GOd. hiRd, DOwNey eXaMiNeS aNd fiNdS defecive Ree MOdeRN pOSiiONS:   heSS : aS a “pOSPaULiNe” ”iNeRpOLaiON” LikeLy eXpReSSive Of PaUL’S aNiseMiiSM;  e MOdeRN, pOSHOLOcaUS eORy Of dUaL cOveNaNS, accORdiNg O wic “GeNiLeS aRe Saved ROUg JeSUS aNd e JewS ROUg e Law Of mOSeS”; eNce, aLL NaiONaL ISRaeL wiLL be eScaO LOgicaLLy Saved; aNd  RepLaceMeN eOLOgy i.e., “GOd aS Rejeced e JewS aS HiS cOSeN peOpLe” aNd RepLaced eM wi beLieviNg GeNiLeS,
RaceabLe O e EpiSLe Of BaRNabaS aNd IgNaiUS Of ANiOc aNd iN effec bRiNgiNg ”e SpiRiUaL geNOcide” Of e JewiS peOpLe aNd MakiNg rOM : iNeXpLicabLe. DOwNey OpS iNSead fOR “eNic ISRaeL’S pLace iN e cOveNaN” aNd fOR SaLvaiON SOLeLy ROUg e dea aNd ReSURReciON Of e meSSia fOR bO JewS aNd GeNiLeS, US LayiNg e fOUNdaiON fOR aN URgeNLy Needed pReSeNday CRiSiaN wiNeSS O e JewiS peOpLe.
JaMeS leO GaRRe JR. PROfeSSOR EMeRiUS sOUweSeRN BapiS heOLOgicaL seMiNaRy FOR WOR, TeXaS