Paul, the Worldly Ascetic
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Paul, the Worldly Ascetic


128 Pages


In writing to the Corinthians, Paul was grappling with fundamental issues concerning the lifestyle of Christians, and specifically with questions about marriage, interracial marriage, and remarriage. The so-called hos me passage in I Corinthians 7 has been identified as a key passage for understanding Paul's expressed understanding of an appropriate model of Christian existence in the world. This one pastoral-counseling passage has had significant influence on the development of Western social orientation (not limited to the issues of marriage) and of Christian piety.
Paul, the Worldly Ascetic is a fundamental reevaluation of a benchmark passage, I Corinthians 7, and is itself a model of historical-critical exegesis. This insightful work will be welcomed by students of Paul, early Christianity, and history of religion, by classicists, and by those who seek an understanding of how we may rightly engage the world in which we live.



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