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This volume is the biography of Paul Tschetter, a leading figure in late nineteenth-century Hutterite history, the "Hutterite Joshua," who convinced 1,250 Hutterites to leave Russia in the 1870s and resettle in Dakota Territory. Tschetter's life elucidates the way that an immigrant community fought for survival in a North American environment that stressed assimilation to radically different political, economic, cultural, and religious values. Janzen provides an in-depth narrative and analysis of Tschetter's influence based on diaries, sermons, hymns, interviews, and other primary materials.



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Published 04 May 2009
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Paul Tscetter
Princeton heological Monograp Series
K. C. anson, Carles M. Collier, and D. Crisoper Spinks, Series Ediors
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Paul Tscetter he Story of a Hutterite Immigrant Leader, Pioneer, and Pastor
R J
PAUL TSCHETTER he Story of a Hutterite Immigrant Leader, Pioneer, and Pastor
Princeton heological Monograp Series 114
Copyrigt © 2009 Rod Janzen. All rigts reserved. Except for brief quotations in critical publications or reviews, no part of tis book may be reproduced in any manner witout prior written permission from te publiser. Write: Permissions, Wipf and Stock Publisers, 99 W. 8t Ave., Suite 3, Eugene, OR 970.
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Janzen, Rod A.
Paul Tscetter : te story of a Hutterite immigrant leader, pioneer, and pastor / Rod Janzen.
Princeton heological Monograp Series 114
xii + p. 30 ; 23 cm. Includes bibliograpic references and indexes.
 3: 978--60608-3-
. Tscetter, Paul. 2. Hutterite Bretren—Great Plains—History. 2. Hutterite Bretren—History—9t century. 3. Hutterite Bretren—History—20t century. I. Title. II. Series.
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Tables and Illusraions / vii
Acknowledgmens / ix
Inroducion: Paul Tsceer, e uerie Josua / 
he ueries / 
Growing up in Ukraine / 
he Journey o Nor America / 
Immigraion / 
A New Life in Dakoa Terriory / 
Paul Tsceer and e uerie Colonies / 
Leading e Neu ueraler Curc / 
he Evangelical Alernaive / 
he Final Years / 
he Legacy of Paul Tsceer / 
Appendix A: Paul Tsceer’s Summer  Diary / 
Appendix B: Neu ueraler Curc Record Book, –, Narraive Secions / 
Appendix C: Paul Tsceer’s Leer of Peiion o Presiden Ulysses S. Gran, Augus ,  / 
Appendix D: Ulysses S. Gran’s Response o Paul Tsceer’s Peiion, Sepember ,  / 
Appendix E: uerie Memorial, –, Bridgewaer, Sou Dakoa / 
Bibliograpy/ 
Index/ 
Tables and Illustrations
Tables  . Paul Tsceer Family Tree /   . Maria Waler Tsceer Family Tree /   . Minisers Ordained by Paul Tsceer, – /  . uerian Surnames: Sioux Falls (Sou Dakoa) Telepone Direcory,  /   . Prairieleu uerie Congregaions in Nor America /   . Prairieleu congregaions of e Krimmer Mennonie Breren Conference / 
Maps  .  .  .
Figures  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
uerie Selemens in Europe, – /  Grea Plains Railroad Lines and Laid Track,  /  Paul and Maria Tsceer Exended Family Land Claims and Residenial Plan /  uerie Colonies,  / 
einric Barosik, “Velke Levare Mill” paining,  /  Paul Tsceer,  /  Lorenz Tsceer,  /  Paul Tsceer’s Diary /  Firs page of Paul Tsceer’s Diary,  /  Paul Tsceer Diary, andwriing Sample /  Jon F. Funk /  Cris Janzen, “Ulysses S. Gran and e ueries,” pain-ing,  /  Bon omme Colony,  / 
Tables and Illustrations
. Unied Saes General Land Office Deed wi Paul Tsceer’s Signaure, April ,  /  . Loading Manure wi a Picfork /  . Emil Tsceer (Paul Tsceer’s Grandson) wi a Team of orses /  . Jacob W. and Susanna Tsceer Farm ouse /  . Tsceer Scool Disric Elemenary Scool Building /  . Neu ueraler Curc Original Building, circa  /  . Paul Tsceer’s Firs Sermon Book /  . Paul Tsceer’s Firs Sermon Book, ile page /  . Jacob W. Tsceer and Susanna Decker Wedding Poograp,  /  . Tradiional Sawl worn by Kaerina Wollman Decker /  . he Salem Krimmer Mennonie Breren Curc,  /  . Paul and Susanna Tsceer Decker and Family /  . “Big Paul” Tsceer /  . Josua M. and Maria Tsceer ofer /  . Jacob W. and Susanna Decker Tsceer Family /  . Josep W. Tsceer /  . Nor Carolina KMB Mission Curc,  /  . Andrew A. and Barbara Tsceer Sal /  . Crisian and Jusina Tsceer ofman Family /  . David W. and Anna Glanzer Tsceer Family /  . Radiscewa village, Ukraine,  /  . uerie-consruced Residence, Joannesru Village Sie, Ukraine,  /  . Crisian and Jusina ofman ouse were Paul Tsceer was Living a e Time of is Dea / 
T         - and conribuions of many people. Sou Dakoa Sae Universiy adminisraor, Wesley Tsceer, and uerie-Mennonie Cenennial Commiee presiden, Norman ofer, ave been especially elpful in providing original documens relaed o e Paul and Maria Tsceer family. Wesley Tsceer provided a reasure rove of unpublised, oten andwrien, manuscrips from is privae collecion. e also assised in locaing many of e poograps included in e book. Norman ofer offered original and secondary source maerials, including aped inerviews wi older uerians. Non-communal uerie isorian Arnold M. ofer (–), provided e original moivaion for working on is biograpy wile California genealogis Alan Peers elped race e various Tsceer family lines. Colorado wrier, Nancy Peerson gave e auor andwrien noes from conversaions wi Paul Tsceer’s grandson, Paul G. Tsceer (–), wile, before is dea, Paul G. alked openly abou is grandfaer in privae conver-saions wi e auor. California Sae Universiy geograper Suar McFeeers creaed e maps publised in e book. Many communal ueries, and especially Fores River Colony German Teacer, Tony Waldner, were elpful in filling in gaps in e Tsceer family biograpical record. Sou Dakoa folkloris, Reuben Goerz (–) enerained e auor wi conroversial sories on Sou Dakoa uerian opics a provided imporan conexual undersandings. Goerz also gave e auor access o is privae collec-ion of undreds of books and documens a are now in e posses-sion of e Cener for Wesern Sudies, Augusana College, Sioux Falls, Sou Dakoa. Mennonie arcivis Dennis Soesz as well provided invaluable background informaion a guided e auor roug relevan files a e Arcives of e Mennonie Curc, Gosen, Indiana. Kevin
Enns Rempel provided similar assisance a e Mennonie Breren isorical Library and Arcives, Fresno, California. hanks as well o Tim Walner, publiser of e FreemanCourierfor graning access o relevan newspaper records and o Jeremy Walner for is poograps of e Paul Tsceer diary. Special recogniion is also exended o Pine ill Press and is pub-liser, Joe Mierau, as well as is predecessors, wo in e pas cenury suppored e publicaion of dozens of books dealing wi uerie-relaed opics and issues. A quick glance a is book’s foonoes and bibliograpy make i clear a e publicaions of Pine ill Press were essenial o e compleion of is work. Special anks as well o Jon Wipf, wo as provided srong sup-por for is projec, as well as Wipf & Sock edior, K. C. anson, ype-seer Parick arrison, and grapic aris Krisen Bareman. All Bible references in is book are aken from eNew Jerusalem Bible(New York: Doubleday, ).