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Peace Primer II



It is common today to hear the claim that we are engaged in "a clash of cultures." The first step in addressing conflict is for all parties to listen to each other. That is the goal of this publication: to allow Christians, Muslims and Jews to listen to each other's scripture and tradition, particularly to hear what each has to say about seeking justice, pursuing peace and working for reconciliation.
"The pious of all nations shall have a place in the world to come."
Sanhedrin 105a/Babylonian Talmud
"I bring heaven and earth to witness that the Holy Spirit dwells upon a non-Jew as well as upon a Jew, upon a woman as well as upon a man, upon a maidservant as well as a manservant. All depends on the deeds of a particular individual."
Tanna de Vei Eliyahu
"You yourselves know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with or to visit a Gentile; but God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean. So when I was sent for, I came without objection. Now may I ask why you sent for me?"
The Apostle Peter, Acts 10:28-29



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Published 21 September 2017
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Revîsed and Expanded Peace Primer
Quotes rom Jewish Christian Islamic Scripture & Tradition
Lynn Gottlîeb Somer Salom Network for Jewîs Nonvîolence Rabîa Terrî Harrîs Muslîm Peace Fellowsîp Ken Seested Baptîst Peace Fellowsîp of Nort Amerîca
Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Peace Primer II Quotes from Jewish, Christian and Islamic Scripture and Tradition By Gottlieb, Lynn and Harris, Rabia Copyright©2012 by Gottlieb, Lynn ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-3175-7 Publication date 4/26/2017 Previously published by Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, 2012 Meinrad Craighead’s prints are repoduced with the permission of Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. They were originally printed under the titleLiturgical Art, 1988, Sheed & Ward.
Deinîtîon o Terms
Summary Essays Smîrat Salom: A Contemporary Expressîon of Jewîs Nonvîolence he Bîble Speaks About Peace: Twelve hîngs Every Crîstîan Sould Know Poînts of Guîdance for Muslîm Peacemakers Taken from te Generous Qur’an Texts rom Scrîpture and Tradîtîon Jewîs Crîstîan Islamîc Readîng Our Texts Interpretîng a Tora of Nonvîolence Interpretîng a Bîble of Nonvîolence Interpretîng a Qur’an of Nonvîolence
he Purpose, Promîse, and Perî o Interaît Engagement Speak Out Clearly, Pay Up Personally
Guîdîng Prîncîpes or Interaît Dîaogue and Sared Actîon
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Peace Prîmer II
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Peace Prîmer II
 he orîgînaPeace Prîmer,compîed and wrîtten by Rabîa Terrî Harrîs and Ken Seested, was pubîsed în 2002 as a dîrect resut o coaboratîon between te Baptîst Peace Feowsîp o Nort Amerîca (BPFNA) and te Musîm Peace Feowsîp. It was cre-ated as a popuar educatîon too around wîc members o oca curces and mosues coud gater or conversatîon and înteraît brîdge-buîdîng în te voatîe envîronment oowîng te terrorîst attacks o September 11, 2001.  “It îs common today to ear te caîm tat we are engaged în a clas of cultures,” în te words o te orîgîna document’s întroduc-tîon. “Oten, wat îs meant îs a cas between Crîstîan and Musîm cutures.”  Mutîpe prîntîngs attestPeace Prîmer’scontînuîng useuness. Copîes cîrcuated as ar as Abbottabad, Pakîstan, resourcîng a Crîs-tîan-Musîm dîaogue. Gîven te încreasîng (and opeu) înteraît conversatîons among te tree “Abraamîc” reîgîous tradîtîons, te BPFNA decîded to enarge te document’s scope. Rabîa and Ken învîted Rabbî ynn Gottîeb, coordînator o te Somer Saom Network or Jewîs Nonvîoence, to joîn te edîtorîa team or tîs revîsedPeace Prîmer II.  You need not be a proessîona medîator to know tat, reuenty, te irst step în addressîng conLîct îs or a partîes to îsten to eac oter. hat îs te modest goa o tîs pubîcatîon: to aow Jews, Crîstîans and Musîms to îsten to eac oter’s Scrîpture and tradî-tîon, partîcuary to ear wat eac as to say about seekîng justîce, pursuîng peace and workîng or reconcîîatîon. (And, or some în eac o tese aît communîtîes, to be întroduced în new ways to teîr own tradîtîon.)  In te pages to come you wî ind tree sectîons: • a general overview of our respective traditions’ understand-îngs o “peace” (în te wîdest, most compreensîve sense o te word); • a collection of quotations from our scriptures and faith
Peace Prîmer II
tradîtîons wîc speak to te peacemakîng mandates o our aît; and • brief essays from each of us on how we interpret diïcult texts.  In addîtîon, tere îs a joînt statement we make togeter about te purpose, promîse and perî o înteraît engagement, as we as suggestîons about ow to use tîs document to oster te reatîon-sîps reuîred or efectîve coaboratîon. hîs, ater a, îs te poînt o înteraît dîaogue: not sîmpy earned conversatîon, but makîng common cause or te justîce needed or peace to grow, begînnîng în our own neîgboroods. Buîdîng aculture of peacereuîres peope o sared înterest and parae vaues to negotîate and împement strategîes tat oster eat.  Needess to say, beînd tese convîctîons îs a îetîme o concrete aît commîtments. We readîy coness—eac o us—tat we ave come up sort more tîmes tan we îke to admît; tat our aît îs too oten mîxed wît ear; tat we are orever wrestîng wît te temptatîon to wîed te guîdance o our respectîve tradîtîons or se-înterested expedîence. Our own persona spîrîtua ormatîon îs ongoîng, just as ît sapes and îs saped by our pubîc vîsîon, wat Dr. Martîn uter Kîng Jr. caed teBeloved Communîty.
ynn Gottîeb, coordînator Somer Saom Network or Jewîs Nonvîoence
Rabîa Terrî Harrîs, ounder Musîm Peace Feowsîp
Ken Seested, oundîng dîrector Baptîst Peace Feowsîp o Nort Amerîca
Wît tîs revîsed edîtîon we ofer our specîa gratîtude to te Feow-sîp o Reconcîîatîon USA, te odest and argest înteraît peace or-ganîzatîon în te US. It was wîtîn FOR’s orbît tat tîs document’s co-edîtors became acuaînted.(See p. 76 for more înformatîon.)
Peace Prîmer II
Definitions of Terms
Jewîs Scrîptureîncudes te ora and wrîtten tradîtîons wîc evoved over a two tousand year perîod and are endowed wît sacred status. he word “Tora” means “înstructîon” or “guîdance” and re-ers to bot Tora Se B’ktav (te wrîtten Tora) and Tora Se B’a Pe (te ora Tora). he wrîtten Tora încorporates te irst Fîve Books o Moses as we as Propets and Wrîtîngs. hîs coec-tîon îs caed TaNaK, an acronym o tese tree sectîons oterwîse known as te Bîbe. Tora and correspondîng verses în Propets and Wrîtîngs are canted în synagogue on Sabbat and Hoy Days.  he ora Tora reers to te Mîsne and Gemora known co-ectîvey as te Tamud, as we as to te body o îterature known as Mîdras. he Tamud (wîc aso means înstructîon) înterprets te ega materîa o te wrîtten Tora, wereas Mîdras represents coectîons o works ocused on te narratîve portîons o te wrîtten Tora. hese works are typî-cay studîed în scoos o Jewîs earnîng. here are undreds o post-Tamudîc commentarîes wîc accompany tradîtîona study, te most amous o wîc was wrîtten by te medîeva Frenc sage Somo Yîtzakî, known by îs acronym “Rasî.”  Bot te wrîtten and ora Tora are consîdered by rabbînîc tradîtîon to ave been reveaed at Sînaî, tat îs, euay sacred.
Peace Prîmer II