Priestly Identity
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Priestly Identity



It is generally accepted that since the end of Vatican II there has been a crisis in the Catholic priesthood. This is reflected in two areas in particular--defections from the priesthood and a serious decline in vocations, primarily in the developed countries of the West. John Paul II has addressed this situation many times during his pontificate, especially in Pastores dabo vobis where he offers a clear theological vision and a program of formation to overcome the current crisis of priestly identity. In his new book McGovern offers a deep analysis of the Pope's theology of priesthood, drawing not only from Pastores dabo vobis, but also from his Holy Thursday Letters and other important writings on this topic. In this study the author deals with core aspects of priestly identity under three main headings--theological, spiritual, and pastoral--in the context of service to the lay faithful and the evangelization required of the Church in the new millennium.



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