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To some the psalms are merely to be read and, perhaps, forgotten. Thus their rich treasures are never discovered. Often this is because people do not realize the infinite amount of gold there is to be mined in the psalms. Listen to a master of this Bible book, as with implements of experience and spiritual insight he enthusiastically probes this golden store.
Rev. Baldwin Brown remarks about the book of Psalms, "In palace halls, by happy hearths, in squalid rooms, in pauper streets, in prison cells, in crowded sanctuaries and in lonely wilderness--everywhere they have uttered our moan of contrition and song of triumph; our tearful complaints, and our wrestling, conquering prayer."
The intentions of the psalms are to teach, to bring to remembrance, to give thanks and to commemorate the circumstances under which the psalms were penned. The most prominent feature in the psalms is praise.
Author Meyer himself comments, "There are three ways in which the Psalms may be studied. We may look at them, first, as recording the inner heart-history of those who wrote them, and especially of David. Next we should study the Psalter in its bearing on our blessed Lord. Lastly, we may study the Psalms for durable­ness, nourishing our spirits with their rich expressions of experimental religion."
As one seeks to open up, to study the Psalms, he will find this masterful, comprehensive, deeply-devotional volume on that book an inestimable aid and a faithful guide to a better and fuller understanding of the sacred and blessed treasures of the divinely-inspired Psalms.
These gripping studies provide unusually fine sermon outline material as well.



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